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Mission Improbable

Matthew was born with a silver spoon in his mouth. He obtains his degree in theology from Harvard and lands a sweet and lucrative pastoral gig that gives him freedom to create to his heart's content. His new $74,000 Cadillac, which he dubs "White Lightning" is the pride of his considerable possessions. Matthew is also proud of his very upscale church in Tennessee. When God sends him a dream in the night, he has to reconsider his priorities in life. The nocturnal vision leads him to a local faith-based drug and alcohol rehab center operated by Mission Teens. While Matthew tries to determine a road map for his life, two substance abusers in the heartland are trying to avoid being sent to an obscure community in Tennessee for rehabilitation. Circumstances put both Shane and Susan on the same bus, which is headed to Davy Crockett country and a rendezvous with a proud, young pastor, Cupid, and the Holy Spirit.
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“Mission Improbable” is an inspiring film that demonstrates that, with God, the improbable can become probable. Pastor Matthew Isaacs (Mike Tinker) pastors a church in which helping alcoholics and drug addicts is not a priority, but retaining a good social status is. Pastor Mike is more concerned about the offering plate than people. However, when he gets an opportunity to help out a ministry rehab center, he realizes that the dreams he has been having about laying hands on people and praying for them were God ordained. He feels a call to the center and undergoes a dramatic change. This change results in him losing his fiancée and being fired from his church.

However, he is about to make a big difference in people’s lives, including two people named Shane (Collin Alexander Brown) and Susan (Juli Tapken). Shane has been addicted to drugs and has been on the run from a drug dealer called “The Boss.” Shane’s Christian brother, Frank, cares enough about Shane to suggest the ministry center in Tennessee, and Shane meets Susan on the bus on the way to the center. She is addicted to the bottle and just got out of a relationship with an abusive boyfriend. Susan’s mother was the person who cared enough about her to sign her up for a stint at the rehab center. Her mother also delivers a funny line, telling Susan if she doesn’t change her ways at the rehab center, she will be back home “faster than Superman can change his clothes.”

Resistant at first, both Shane and Susan realize after meeting Pastor Matthew and getting involved in the Bible study and with the center workers, that their trip to the ministry center was God-ordained. Also, when Matthew sends a Christian book about praise to his former fiancée and her mother, a miracle takes place that might be more amazing to Matthew than to them. This wonderful and inspiring film is awarded our “Faith-Based” Seal, as it contains a faith message but has some objectionable content, namely drug use and dealing. The movie makes it clear: Change is possible.

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Drunk man hits woman a few times, and she ends up with a black eye; a man punches a man in a ministry center and pulls a gun, but he is stopped and arrested.


A minister speaks to his fiancée about no longer having sexual relations until they are married.


M/G-1; Crap-2; H (as a place)-1; "You Snake"-1; Jesus Freaks-1; Geez-2; Frickin-1; a "Hokey Mission" comment; Freakin'-1; Bull-1; Bonehead-1; Loser-1


Drunk man hits woman a few times, and she ends up with a black eye; a man punches a man in a ministry center and pulls a gun, but he is stopped and arrested.


Drug dealing, and a man takes a few tastes of cocaine; the mention of drug dealing and cocaine; an undercover police officer sells a man a bag of marijuana; the smoking of cigarettes in a few scenes; drinking in several scenes, including beer and wine; man is passed out and beer bottles are all around him; the mention of "joints" as a pun about prison.


Shirtless man; man in shorts.


Tattoos on a few characters; nose and mouth rings on man; woman doesn't want to hear "Bible talk"; man says he only preaches a positive message and doesn't like to mention the Devil, but he changes his mind; tension between characters.

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