A Promise to Astrid (Book)

Book Release: May 20, 2014
A Promise to Astrid (Book)


“A Promise to Astrid” is a beautiful, inspirational story that can bring comfort when times get tough.

Based on a true story, “A Promise to Astrid” is a fascinating account of a woman with an extraordinary gift that leads to a great purpose. A car accident triggers a series of unfortunate events and leaves a family in a predicament. When Astrid comes into the picture, she is dismissed as a somewhat eccentric elderly neighbor. Despite the family’s resistance, her actions leave a profound impact on the rest of the family.

Dove Review

“A Promise to Astrid” is a poignant and touching story of a special woman who gave of herself when she was facing the biggest battle of her life. Author Michael K. Tourville tells the story of his former neighbor, of her husband Dominic, and of himself and his wife Cindy. When Cindy is in a terrible car accident, which is not her fault, the driver who runs the red light and causes the accident blames it on the upset woman. Receiving the ticket, Cindy promptly pays it, which causes the insurance company not to reimburse her for her demolished car. On top of that, they deal with a jerk, who charges a large storage fee for Michael to reclaim the car. But, as Michael points out, this dilemma leads to his neighbor, Astrid, stepping in to offer help.

“A Promise to Astrid” is a beautiful story about a lady who keeps outwitting Michael every time he tries to give her the money back. Her comment that he should simply help someone else in need in the future perfectly embodies her spirit and kind heart. This is a wonderful story about a lady who shows that kindness and generosity in helping others go a long way in impacting their lives. Michael mentions they attended the same church, and several people at that church remembered her when she passed away. We are more than pleased to award this inspiring book our “Faith-Friendly” Seal for ages 12-plus and it also received 5 or 5 Doves for quality.

Reviewer’s Note: With the right actress playing Astrid, this would make an entertaining faith-friendly film.

Content Description

Sex: None.
Language: D-1; Crap-1
Violence: Car is demolished in crash.
Drugs: A man is described as having a cigar in his mouth.
Nudity: None.
Other: Death and grief; man lies about an accident; man mentions divorce.


Company: Abba Father Media, Inc.
Genre: Inspirational
Pages: 79
Industry Rating: Not Rated
Reviewer: Edwin L. Carpenter