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Miracles from Heaven

A young girl suffering from a rare digestive disorder finds herself miraculously cured after surviving a terrible accident. This film is based on the book "Three Miracles From Heaven," by Christy Beam.
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“Miracles from Heaven” will make you laugh and cry. It’s based on the book “Three Miracles From Heaven” by Christy Beam, played by Jennifer Garner. Garner captures the tension and stress of being the parent of a very sick little girl. A young doctor is ready to wave her away with his hand when she brings her daughter into the emergency room once again with severe stomach pain and a bloated belly and tells her there is nothing seriously wrong. However, Christy has had enough and scolds him. Needless to say, further tests are conducted and they soon learn that little Anna (Kylie Rogers) is more seriously ill than anyone expected. Both Garner and little Kylie Rogers truly stand out in this film. Kylie hits all the right notes as the adorable little girl, particularly on love and compassion, and conveys Anna’s suffering and pain very realistically.

The family faces tremendous pressure, including rising medical bills and a flight every six weeks to Boston to see Anna’s specialist, Dr. Nurko (Eugenio Derbez), a doctor who is terrific with kids, compassionate and funny. He knows how to make everyone laugh. Another true friend is Angela (Queen Latifah), who supports Anna and Christy with a smile and a quick wit. Christy needs Angela’s support, especially when Anna says she wishes she would die when she is tired of being sick.

Wounded by some unthinking people in church, Christy stays away from faith but finally asks for God’s help when another event occurs that could mean the loss of everything they have fought for regarding Anna. Without plot spoiling, we’ll just say the word “miracle” is in the film’s title for a reason. Anna touches several lives in the picture, including the father of one her sick little friends whom she met in the hospital. The movie stirs the emotions. If you think deep love is missing from families, you won’t think so after watching this inspiring, dramatic, and hope-filled film. It is a story about God’s love and powerfully makes the point that we are never alone. This movie has earned our “Faith-Friendly” Seal for ages 12-plus and five Doves, our best rating.

Dove Rating Details




A girl falls inside a tree and a little blood is on her face.


Husband and wife kiss.


OMG-1; H (as a place)-4; Sucks-1


A girl falls inside a tree and a little blood is on her face.


A needle is placed in a girl's arm; girl is treated in hospital on several occasions and has a long tube in her nose; a waitress makes a comment about trying to quit smoking.


Mild cleavage; shirtless man.


A little girl suffers a lot due to an illness; other sick children are shown in the hospital; a stressed-out husband and wife argue a few times; tension between characters; a woman scolds a doctor when he shrugs her off; the death of a child; a child heaves at a toilet, and a dad cleans up the vomit from the floor; people at church wonder if something is wrong in the parents' lives, because they have a sick girl.

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