Sight & Sound Theaters: Joseph

DVD Release: October 20, 2015
Sight & Sound Theaters: Joseph


“Joseph,” a story of dreams and the power of forgiveness, is now available on DVD. Captured before a live audience, Joseph takes flight in his colorful coat. You’ll be immersed in all the action with intimate close-ups, sweeping dramatic shots and exhilarating production numbers. You’ll also experience exclusive interviews and behind-the-scenes footage, which reveals how this biblical epic was adapted from script to stage.

Now you can experience this amazing, live stage production in a captivating, new way and give the gift of that experience to others. So, journey back in time and dare to dream through the life of Joseph.

Dove Review

“Sight & Sound Theaters: Joseph” is a splendid musical that is performed in front of more than 2,000 people. This powerful musical recreates the compelling story of Joseph, his coat of many colors, the betrayal of his brothers, the false accusations of Potiphar’s wife, his interpretation of dreams, and finally, his ascension as Prime Minister of all Egypt and the salvation of his father and his brothers during a great and awful famine. The man who portrays Joseph is a talented actor and singer, and he is handsome, just as the Bible describes Joseph. The musical stays true to the story of Joseph but imagines how a few of the conversations might have sounded.

The ending alone is worth watching. The reunion between father and son, Joseph and Jacob, is warm and touching. The audience responds with loud cheers and clapping. The entire cast hits the right notes, and “Joseph” is a very enjoyable viewing experience. It features poignant songs about the sons of Jacob, God’s promise to Jacob in the stars, and Joseph’s dreams. The themes includes the idea that what some mean for evil, God uses for good, and that God can restore what has been lost. We are glad to award this excellent musical our “Faith-Friendly” Seal for all ages. “Joseph” is a heartfelt production that brings the story of Joseph to life.

Content Description

Sex: A woman attempts to seduce a man in a mildly suggestive scene, and he flees from her
Language: Deceiver-1; Adulterer-1; Hypocrite-1
Violence: Men cast their brother into a pit
Drugs: Men drink; a tavern scene; drinking of wine
Nudity: Pharaoh's sides visible, due to his clothing
Other: A man's brothers are envious and mock him; tension between characters; men lie and tell their father that his youngest son has died, even though he hadn't; a father grieves his son.


Company: Sight & Sound Theatres
Genre: Musical
Runtime: 127 min.
Industry Rating: Not Rated
Reviewer: Edwin L Carpenter