By The Grace of Bob

DVD Release: August 16, 2016
By The Grace of Bob


“By The Grace of Bobl” is the story of a brash, young Jewish filmmaker from New York who tries to help an overly zealous Baptist preacher in south Alabama make a movie about the Prodigal Son. In the process, they both learn about the acceptance and love of the prodigal’s father.

Dove Review

This is a faith-based movie with some fun humor. Its themes include love, acceptance, and trust in God. Pastor Bob, a main character, pastors a church that is struggling as it faces a possible closing. The church attempts to make a movie about the Prodigal Son, but in a contemporary way, with the hope of reaching new people. The board fights the pastor every step of the way by challenging him at every turn about the expenses and choices that he makes, such as negatively comparing him to his father.

This movie will keep your attention from start to finish. It shows what can happen when a man perseveres and realizes his vision. We are enthusiastic about awarding this film our dove Approved Seal for ages 12-plus. “By The Grace of Bob” is a witty movie with a message.

Content Description

Sex: Couples kiss.
Language: Butt-1; Poop-1; Broad-1
Violence: A goat bites a man but the action is not shown -- the man reacts in pain; woman is accidentally hit in the face with a volleyball.
Drugs: Drinking, including mixed drinks; a woman offers a drink to the pastor and he says no, but then two empty glasses are shown on screen; a couple of bar scenes with people drinking beer.
Nudity: A woman wears short shorts; girl in a short but formal dress.
Other: A man accidentally spills hot coffee on another man; man has heart attack; woman sleeps in church; pastor deals with hearing about how great a pastor his father was; a flamboyant, gay character; tension between characters; characters who are portrayed as racist make several offensive comments about Jews and Muslims; some people make light of the Bible; the youth pastor lies to the pastor's daughter; man says, "Praise the Lord," in jest but does show respect for the faith later in the film.


Company: Belltower Pictures
Director: David Powers
Genre: Comedy
Runtime: 92 min.
Industry Rating: Not Rated
Reviewer: Edwin L Carpenter