Chonda Pierce: Laughing in the Dark

DVD Release: October 27, 2015
Chonda Pierce: Laughing in the Dark


Theatrical documentary about the life of comedian Chonda Pierce.

Dove Review

“Chonda Pierce: Laughing in the Dark” is a funny, tear-jerking, wonderful documentary about the No. 1 female stand-up comic of all time –Chonda Pierce. In this film, she says that she deflects her pain with comedy, and she sure is funny when she does! The film features several clips of her routines over the years in addition to behind-the-scenes moments with her family. The documentary reveals her pain of losing her husband of 31 years, David, when he died during emergency brain surgery. She also deals with an estrangement with a close family member, yet she finds ways to make people laugh and continues to believe God’s word. In addition, when she learns a fan and her mother, who come to see her, have to walk a mile back to their hotel after the show, Chonda insists on giving them a ride on her bus. When asked about Chonda, people continually say she is “real” and that they love her.

However, as Chonda shares, her fame and success have come with a price — time spent away from her family as she travels on the road. She is an honest and truthful person and shares her tests and trials of life. Yet she still finds a way to either laugh at the situation or, at the least, to move forward. Her routines include joking about her husband’s snoring, menopause, Spanx, or just human nature in general. We are pleased to award this inspiring and insightful documentary our “Faith-Friendly” Seal for ages 12-plus. Chonda will have you crying one moment and laughing hard a minute later. Her perspective is unique. This film has earned five Doves, our highest rating. “Laughing in the Dark” is one DVD you won’t want to miss.

Content Description

Faith: None
Violence: None.
Sex: Husband and wife kiss; a few jokes about "parking," and the word "sex" is used, as is a comment about birth control, but none of the comments are graphic; a joke about prostitutes, but not graphic.
Language: Good Lord-1; Morons-1; Chonda talks about how her mother used to say, "Going to H in a hand basket" (speaking of the biblical place, not as a curse word) and she uses the phrase a few times; a "butt crack" comment.
Violence: None.
Drugs: Comment that a man battled drinking and went to a few rehab clinics; the mention of a girl's mother who was a drug addict; a comment about crack cocaine; a joke about a "beer" gut and that woman's mother always warned her about "beer"; statement that a woman takes anti-depressants.
Nudity: A shirtless man shown in a couple of videos; girls in shorts in photos; a "cleavage" joke.
Other: A woman cries when talking about the death of her husband; death and grief; a joke about peeing and using Depends; a woman shares that her father, a pastor, battled doubt and had a gun and thought about suicide a few times; a girl left home and refused to talk to her parents.


Company: Provident Distrib./ Fuseic Ent.
Director: Rick Altizer
Genre: Documentary
Runtime: 89 min.
Starring: Chonda Pierce
Reviewer: Edwin L Carpenter