Unconditional Love The Christian Miniseries Episodes 1 – 3

Unconditional Love The Christian Miniseries Episodes 1 – 3


What would you do if an encounter with a stranger turned your whole life right side up? What if that stranger was none other than Jesus Christ, himself?

Episode 1: The Garden – In this episode we meet Dr. Olga Carson (Rebecca Moore) who is on the verge of darkness, resentment, pain, and hidden anger. When tragedy strikes, Dr. Olga Carson feels completely powerless, and as she exits the hospital in order to vent out her anger and frustration, she comes face to face with a stranger who will cause a change of a lifetime.

Episode 2: The Crossroad – In this episode, we meet Ernesto (Daniel Garcia), who is at a crossroad in life, as nothing he does seems to amount to anything. While contemplating suicide, a phone call from his mother sends him on his way to more than he expected — it sets him on the path to more than just enlightenment, it puts him face to face with Truth himself.

Episode 3: The Runaway – In this episode, we meet Oscar Salazar (Jason J. Perez), who is a youth growing up with a single mother with a not-so-clean past and lives in a difficult neighborhood, which leads Oscar to end up in prison. Now, being a recent ex-con is only one of the challenges he faces in his new life. With a family to provide for and temptation lurking around the corner, Oscar finds himself wondering about the true worth and meaning of being a Christian and running away from everything he knows…or so he thinks.

Dove Review

“Unconditional Love: The Christian Miniseries” is a three-episode series that shows what an encounter with God can do in a person’s life. A modern-day Jesus touches the lives of three different people who need his help desperately. Jeremy Torgerson does an excellent job in playing Jesus in modern times, meeting the contemporary needs of those who are hurting.

In the first episode, “The Garden,” Rebecca Moore plays a doctor who is resentful, has experienced pain, and is bitter toward the idea of God. After a tragedy hits, she has an encounter with someone in the garden outside of the hospital, a life-altering encounter. Could this person be Jesus?

In the second episode, “The Crossroad,” Ernesto (Daniel Garcia) is a desperate teen who feels like a loser. He considers suicide but soon has an encounter with someone who is different from anyone he has ever met and who helps him feel better.

In the third episode, “The Runaway,” Oscar Salazar (Jason J. Perez), a highly tattooed rough guy with a difficult upbringing, winds up in prison. He, too, experiences an encounter when he is set free, and he is soon confronted with a decision: to give in to anger and revenge or to forgive and move forward with a new life.

This series promotes the idea of Jesus working in the lives of hurting people in a contemporary setting. It clearly teaches that Jesus still cares for those who place their trust in Him. We are pleased to award “Unconditional Love” our “Faith-Friendly” Seal for ages 12-plus. These are stories to which many people can relate.

Content Description

Sex: Wife kisses husband; comment that a boy's mother was once a prostitute.
Language: OMG-3; H-1; D-1; Butt-1
Violence: Man slaps woman; shoves woman in cheeks; a man is shot and blood is on his mouth and stomach; a comment about Jesus shedding his blood; a boy has blood on his face as he lies in the hospital from a hit-and-run accident; blood on boy's face from fighting; a man grabs a kid; a woman slaps a man, and he laughs; the mention of an officer being killed; a man is shot and has some blood on him.
Drugs: A kid tries to sell a kid "pills," tells him that one will be enough to put him out and warns him not to take two; young man contemplates suicide but does not go through with it, and he has an encounter with Jesus; a Wine and Bistro sign; drinks on table; beer is shown; racks with wine bottles.
Nudity: Shirtless man on gurney; cleavage.
Other: An unbeliever, a nurse, rolls her eyes regarding the mention of Jesus and the Bible, but she is later converted; electric paddles are used on a man; a few comments about God not existing, but the person who makes the comments changes; a question about why God allows hunger and other tragedies; a dad is racist regarding his daughter's Spanish boyfriend; a girl tells her dad she hates him and she hates her life; the Grim Reaper is present; a man declares that God killed his own Son, but he is told that Jesus said He freely laid down His life; a man with several tattoos; a man looks at an image of Jesus on the cross and tells him he is going to do things his way and says, "Don't you dare try to stop me," but he later converts; a kid is caught stealing a car; tension between characters.


Company: Rookie Films
Genre: Drama
Runtime: 108 min.
Industry Rating: Not Rated
Reviewer: Edwin L Carpenter