DVD Release: April 11, 2016


Colleagues reunite at party for a friend’s graduation from law school. Their friend Monica has an epiphany, and during her stint away from her friends, she gets saved and becomes a believer. When her old friends from college meet her at her party, they disapprove and don’t want to meet her new friends. Instead, they ditch Monica and use her parents’ vacant room for their own party without her and sneak in drugs. They indulge themselves in the confines of her parents’ room while her dad, a pastor, is called away. They begin to get dizzy and, one by one, faint from only a couple of hits of their contraband. When they wake, they find themselves alone, their phones stolen and all the people from the party, as well as Monica, disappeared. The windows and doors have been reinforced, and they can’t escape the new prison they are trapped in. Once they find the random phone in the living room, they begin to get threatening texts from an outside party who seems to be toying with them, while one by one they begin to disappear. They begin to sense that maybe the person on the phone isn’t outside the house at all but inside the group of friends.

Dove Review

“Scattered” is a unique and original film. The story opens with a young woman named Monica (Erin Rose), who is holding a party to celebrate her college graduation. She recently became a Christian, and some of the friends she invited do not like the “new” Monica. They arrived with plans to party. So, when her parents, a pastor and his wife, are called away to an emergency, several of her friends make their way to her parents’ bedroom, lock themselves away, and smoke some strong marijuana, seemingly laced with something.

However, something strange begins to happen as, when they wake up, they are unable to leave the house, and Monica is nowhere to be found. One by one, they each have an encounter with their past and disappear, leaving the remaining people, who begin to grow anxious and nervous. Clearly, God is trying to get their attention, but the “adversary” also seems to be vying for their focus. As they are each offered free will, where they will each wind up is up to them, as they are told in a text message. They all have their own unique stories from the past. Some of them dealt with horrific pain in the past, such as the girl who was molested by her grandfather and sent away by her grandmother. In another situation, a young man named Joshua was named after his minster-grandfather, who was hypocritical, harsh, and judgmental. However, is he willing to place his trust in God, who really cares for him? In another scenario, a woman named Bernice once had an abortion. Can she move past the guilt and learn to trust God with her future?

This film will leave a lasting impression on the viewer. The freedom of choice is demonstrated as a powerful thing. Due to some objectionable content, namely drug usage featuring marijuana and heroin, we are awarding the film our Faith-Based Seal, meaning it has a faith message with strong content. “Scattered” could be a powerful tool to help those who carry hurts from the past. It clearly shows that Jesus’ atonement is our only hope.

Content Description

Faith: None
Violence: Guys shove each other and fight; characters punch each other; man winds up with bloody lip; car crash is audible; man ties another man up.
Sex: Prostitutes are present in one scene, and one of them flirts with a young boy; statement that a young girl was molested by her grandfather as a child; an innuendo about getting a "piece of that"; girls call a young man "hot," and a girl is called the same.
Language: OG/OMG-3; D-1; H-3; H (as a place)-6; Slut-1; Sleaze-1; What the...?-2; Crap-2; Bull-1; Shut up-1; I hate you-2; Freak-1; Ba*tard (as in illegitimate)-1; Sucks-1; Hypocrite-1
Violence: Guys shove each other and fight; characters punch each other; man winds up with bloody lip; car crash is audible; man ties another man up.
Drugs: Strong drug use, including several characters smoking marijuana; girl uses heroin with strap on her arm, and a needle is in her arm and she dies; comments about partying and "weed"; a character is "high," and we see the fan looking fuzzy and unusual, signifying what he is seeing; drinking; woman takes what is apparently prescription pills a few times; drugs flushed down toilet; a young man drinks open beer in car and gets in a car wreck, which is audible; man has pack of cigarettes on him.
Nudity: Cleavage.
Other: Strong tension between characters; woman has guilt over having abortion; a few characters make comments about not believing in God, and one had atheist parents, and another says he is agnostic; a man states there is no afterlife; a frightened woman says she saw eyes looking at her from outside; doors slam by themselves in what seems to be a dream; tattoos on man's arm; a hypocritical "minister" mentions demons eating flesh.


Company: JCL Productions
Director: Cynthia L. Leon
Producer: Cynthia L. Leon
Genre: Drama
Runtime: 105 min.
Reviewer: Edwin L Carpenter