Coast Guard: Cape Disappointment/Pacific Northwest (Dove Channel Version Only)

Coast Guard: Cape Disappointment/Pacific Northwest (Dove Channel Version Only)


Coast Guard Cape Disappointment/Pacific Northwest chronicles dramatic rescue missions conducted by the Coast Guard in and around the Columbia River Bar.

Dove Review

“Coast Guard: Cape Disappointment/Pacific Northwest” is an amazing documentary about the Coast Guard on the Pacific coast. This film takes place around the Columbia River Bar, located off the state of Oregon, where the Columbia River meets the Pacific Ocean. It is the most dangerous area on the western coast and is referred to as the graveyard of the Pacific. The Coast Guard is there to help with rescues, some on the water and some on land.

The Coast Guard at Disappointment Cape tell stories about their rescues and their part in the community. Their hope is always to have their mission succeed and have the best outcome, but sometimes they are unable to complete the rescue in the manner they want. They also teach safety for fishermen and boaters in an emergency, so they also teach survival techniques.

These heroic men and women express the emotional toll their job takes on them, as the viewer gets a look at what happens in the midst of these emergency situations. The Coast Guard talk about their training, including how they have to make decisions for everyone’s well-being in the rescue plan, as well as how they are often called to make rescues day and night.

The documentary includes many different rescue situations, including a person stuck on a cliff, a logger with broken legs, a missing surfer, a group of lost mountain climbers, fire on a big ship, and even a man hunt. The Coast Guard live with high stakes everyday, not knowing what they will face each time. They must be prepared for every problem, including weather, fires, and other life or death situations

This documentary is educational and informative, and it offers a glimpse of the teamwork and service that these amazing men and women provide. We are very proud to award this series with the Dove “Family-Approved” Seal for 12-plus, because of the language spoken in dangerous situations, as well as the dangers themselves.

Content Description

Sex: None
Language: Some offensive language, but most of it is censored; many uses of the H-word;
Violence: Rescue events.
Drugs: Medical rescues, wine tasting, touring a brewery
Nudity: Shirtless men
Other: Dangerous rescue missions


Company: Al Roker Entertainment
Genre: Documentary
Runtime: 559 min.
Industry Rating: TV-G
Starring: Coast Guard
Reviewer: Donna Rolfe