The Rally-LA: Breaking The Curse

DVD Release: July 26, 2016
The Rally-LA: Breaking The Curse


“The Rally-LA: Breaking the Curse”: Can a man ever be satisfied with money, cars, houses, airplanes and the fullness of this world? The answer is no! Antonio Miguel Sarka Sr. (Kenneth Copeland) is that man. Even though Sarka seems to find all that he needs in “The Rally 1,” his heart is telling him that he needs more from life. In “The Rally-LA,” we will see that love will cause a man to lay down his riches, his pride and even his life in order to reach the most precious thing in the world to him — his family. Now on the move to the big city of Los Angeles, Sarka is being called to the City of Angels for a date with destiny.

Santiago (Eric Roberts) is the ruthless head of his own criminal empire in Los Angeles, and he doesn’t feel the same way as his brother, Sarka. He owns the mayor, Paul Mitchell (Curtis Taylor), other city officials and high ranking police officers, controls the drug cartels and holds the city and its people captive. He senses an ominous shift is coming. Santiago is a man willing to do whatever it takes. He’ll put everything on the line to keep his brother out of his way in “The Rally-LA.”

Dove Review

“The Rally LA: Breaking The Curse” is a powerful story about redemption and shows that no one is ever too far gone for God to reach. It’s a story about a man who shifts his priorities from money and the things of this world to God and to his family. Kenneth Copeland and Eric Roberts do a commendable job in playing Sarka and Santiago, brothers from Cuba who are heading down entirely different paths. Santiago is still a drug lord, dealing cocaine, but Sarka has given up dealing drugs to follow God. He hopes to bring Santiago to God, but Santiago is entrenched in darkness. This story is about the battle for a man’s soul. The themes include the changes God can make in a man’s life, repentance, and family love.

Due to some objectionable content, we are awarding this movie our Faith Based Seal, meaning it has some strong content but also features a strong faith message. And that message is that God will forgive anyone of their sins, if they will but ask.

Content Description

Sex: Kissing between a few couples (including a passionate kiss)-1; prostitutes are on the corner, but they are handed pamphlets about a Christian concert; the mention of sex trafficking.
Language: OMG-1; Da*n it-2; Geez-1; "To H with this life"-1; "To H with you" (said in an "I don't care what you say" kind of way); "To H with your God and His love"-1 (said by a drug lord); "To H with you, brother"-1
Violence: A few shootings, including a final shooting that causes blood to stain a man's shirt; man is shot in head, but the actual head shot is not shown on screen; guns held on people; a brother threatens to kill his brother; man is hit in the head with a gun and is knocked unconscious.
Drugs: Man smokes cigar; cigarette smoking and electronic cigarette smoking; drinking of liquor, including wine and whiskey, and mixed drinks; man is obviously drunk; shots of alcohol; woman takes pills to "enhance" her mood and keep her going; several bags of cocaine are visible; teen takes mother's pills and uses them; people drink wine from bags; man attempts to steal cocaine but is caught.
Nudity: None
Other: The drug lord forces mayor not to allow Christians to have permits, specifically for the Christian concert; a woman yells at her father; tension between characters; a man promises his soul to the "god of darkness," yet his brother, a Christian, attempts to win him to Christ.


Company: SkipStone Pictures
Director: Rick Reyna
Genre: Drama
Runtime: 110 min.
Industry Rating: PG-13
Reviewer: Edwin L Carpenter