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One Stop Away

During Christmas in New York City, a passionate high school teacher has his faith tested as he reconnects with his dying friend and struggles to save a troubled student. Faced with losing his job at his old high school, he must find a way to get through to his students, reconnect with his past, and remember what really matters in life.
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“One Stop Away” is one inspiring movie! Marrick Smith does an excellent job portraying Richard Bondanella, a teacher at Monsignor Farrell High School. He has a literary background but too soft a touch — his class regularly interrupts him with jokes and insults, and they shoot water guns at one another. Yet, despite the need to toughen up, Richard is a goodhearted man and close friends with Ken (James Boland), a young man who is struggling for his life, as he battles cancer. His younger brother, Paul (William Harden), attends the school. Although Richard promises to look after Paul, he fails to do so. His lack of assertion causes him problems. He even has a girlfriend who wants to marry him, but he doesn’t feel the same way.

This film is a realistic look at high school kids and the problems they face, along with some bad behavior. Mostly, it is a movie about having faith and maturing, something that Richard finally does after a tragic event. A certain teacher isn’t afraid to tell him what he needs to do, and Richard chooses to take the advice. Richard finds himself attracted to his teacher, and he becomes more decisive and assertive. For anyone who has ever experienced growth in an area of life that was important, this movie will touch some chords. Emerson’s comment is quoted: “Sorrow looks back, worry looks around, but faith looks up.” We are pleased to award “One Stop Away” our Dove Approved Seal for ages 12-plus.

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Kid is about to grab another kid but is stopped.


A couple kisses; a young man tells fellow students he invited a girl to come into his room alone, and he watched Abbott and Costello on TV, and his teacher implies she can't believe he watched TV.


Sucks-1; Dumb-1; Idiot/Idiots-3; Dork-1; Crap-1; Rich Snobs-1; A teacher comments, "Isn't free choice the da*ndest thing?"


Kid is about to grab another kid but is stopped.


The mention of Alcoholics Anonymous; a comment that "My dad used to drink."


Mild cleavage.


Death and grief; kids misbehave and disrespect teacher by throwing paper wads in waste basket while he talks, interrupting him, and shooting water guns; a kid berates another kid who just lost is brother, but he is corrected and given detention; tension between characters; students asked, "Where did Bartleby work?" and one replies, "In my pants."

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