The Christmas Project

DVD Release: November 7, 2016
The Christmas Project


It’s better to give than get . . . what’s coming to you.

Even with Christmas around the corner, for the Buckley boys, payback almost always wins out over brotherly love. That is, until the four brothers join forces against a common adversary—the Hagbarts, the meanest bullies at their middle school. But now Mom has decided that the Buckley family is going to “Elf” the Hagbarts this year for Christmas. Eleven-year-old Matthew can hardly stand it: By day, the Hagbarts torture the Buckley brothers into submission, and by night, the Buckleys secretly deliver Christmas treats and gifts to their sworn enemies. Soon the war of wits escalates into an incredible scheme designed to get the ultimate revenge on the Hagbarts. But now that Matthew has been learning that he’s supposed to do good to those who hate him, what will he do when a little push becomes a great big shove? “The Christmas Project” is a heartwarming comedy the whole family will love.

Dove Review

Simon, Matthew, Peter and John are the Buckley boys, and their mom is expecting another baby and wants a girl very badly. It’s Christmas time, and as always, the boys have quite a rivalry to be the first to get the Christmas catalog. Apparently, whoever gets the catalog first gets the best presents.

Their biggest problem is the Hagbarts. They are the bullies on the bus and at school. Everyone tries not to have eye contact with them, or that person becomes the subject of the oldest Hagbart brother, Finn’s mean attitude. Matthew is tired of being bullied. He tries to protect his brothers — including Simon, who is older. But when mom tells the boys who the family will be “elfing” this year, the boys can not believe their ears. Of all the families, she picked the Hagbarts.

“The Christmas Project” is charming and, at times, comical. It’s a Christmas tale about loving others, even if they are the enemy. We are proud to award it the Dove Family Seal for all ages.

Content Description

Sex: Couple kisses; boy and girl kiss.
Language: A dog whose name is "Farting"; Holy moly-1
Violence: Kids bully other kids; boy has bloody nose; boy steps in and hits the bully because of what he did to boy's brother; make believe sword fights on pirate ship in woods; father kills pet chicken for dinner; boy steals another boy's sled; boy takes cookies from other kids to give to teacher; boy takes angel from young boy and breaks it; bully takes boy's project for his own.
Drugs: None
Nudity: None
Other: Getting a "time out" in the tub while wearing clothes; disobeying; someone puts boy's "tidy whities" on teacher's board; boy uses toothpaste as cookie frosting.


Company: Covenant Communications, Inc.
Writer: Sally Meyer
Director: Michael Buster
Genre: Christmas
Runtime: 92 min.
Industry Rating: Not Rated
Reviewer: Donna Rolfe