Big Bad

DVD Release: August 2, 2016
Big Bad


A playful nod to adventure films that finds a group of reluctant teenagers on a school field trip stranded overnight in an abandoned jail. Their chaperone goes missing, their patience is wearing thin, their cell service sucks, and, of course, something goes bump in the night! It’s tough being a teen in a playful monster movie.

Dove Review

Chase, Crystal and Donny volunteer to go on a field trip to the old jailhouse. Legend has it that a murder took place there many years ago. The teens wonder if it’s haunted.

Like most scary “spoof” movies, the “monster” is usually big, but not visible to most people, and the legend ends up being a silly campfire story. The trio gets trapped in the old jail by their teacher, whose grandfather was there when the murder supposedly happened. However, not long after they get trapped, the monster (which turns out to be Big Foot — not a werewolf) comes looking for the kids. The teens try to get help and capture the beast.

“Big Bad” is comical, but unfortunately, due to the language content and underage drinking in this movie, it does not receive the Dove family approval.

Content Description

Sex: Teenage kids "make out" in a car and at party; many sexual innuendos.
Language: Frickin'-6; F-2, and both are censored, but one is still audible;; B.ll S-1; J-1; OMG/OG/G/OMGOSH-7; H-5; D/D...IT-6; JackA/A-2
Violence: Monster takes people off screen, chases kids and fights with them; bloody faces; sheriff shoots at monster; monster is cut in half, and bloody parts are shown.
Drugs: Teenagers stand outside of liquor store, waiting for someone to buy drinks for them; comment about kids going to party without any booze; underage drinking, smoking and partying; young man looks drunk and staggers around.
Nudity: Young woman takes off clothes to go swimming; shadow of girl in bra and underwear, and then she is shown in the lake.
Other: Believing in Big Foot and other legends.


Company: Indican Pictures
Director: Opie Cooper
Producer: Rick Moore
Genre: Adventure
Runtime: 87 min.
Industry Rating: Not Rated
Reviewer: Donna Rolfe