CK Erwin is a man who’s lost his family as well as his will to live. But, when he takes a job as a mechanic at a small Auto Restore shop, he is soon involved with a new ragtag family who needs him every bit as much as he needs them. Especially feisty Samantha “Sam” Collins, a high school wrestler, who needs a private coach for her last shot at Finals this year.

Dove Review

“Restoration” is a movie that aptly fits the title in its story and theme, and it is nicely done. Starring Ken Stewart as C.K. Erwin, he’s a man with great knowledge regarding cars and wrestling, but he keeps his private life–and past–private. He works for a man named Pop (John Quick), and he becomes involved with his family, including a scrappy young woman named Samantha (Victoria Anastasi), “Sam” for short, who wrestles on her high school wresting team but who needs a few pointers to advance and to win. Once Sam learns C.K.’s background in wrestling, she pleads with him to coach her. He refuses at first, but she begins to wear him down. As a young girl tells C.K. regarding the mechanic’s garage, she likes to see broken things get fixed.

This is a well-written story that shows how two characters help each other, as Samantha and her younger sister Abbie (Elle Whitfield) begin to get C.K. to open up. They share their faith with him, but he is dealing with a lot of anger. Can he find restoration?

This touching film features themes of family devotion, reaching for one’s dream, and looking to God to bring good out of bad situations. The miraculous ending will have viewers cheering. We are happy to award the movie our Faith-Friendly Seal for ages 12-plus.

Content Description

Sex: A brief kiss by a young couple.
Language: H (as a Biblical place)-1
Violence: An accident and scenes of a bloody hand and woman on oxygen; the mention of a P.O.W. during the war; in a scene played for fun, a girl slaps a young man in the head and coach jokingly slaps his wrestler in head to get her attention; men come in on man with knives and threats; man seen with rifle; two men fight and throw punches; man seen with bloody nose in fight and man pulls a knife on other man; blood on man's head from fight; in a flashback some blood is seen on man's family from car accident but it is not gratuitous; a man withholds an inhaler from a little girl and she winds up in the hospital in a coma.
Drugs: A former employee at a garage had tested positive in a drug test; a man is encouraged to go back to rehab; a comment about picking up prescription medicine; the drinking of alcohol in a few scenes; a man on drugs bothers a man for a loan; a man swipes a bottle of beer from another man.
Nudity: Mild cleavage.
Other: A man, in a low moment, puts a gun to his head; tension between characters; death and grief; a man that lost family in a car accident deals with bitterness and anger toward God and makes a few comments about God not caring, but the man undergoes a change.


Company: JerFilm Productions
Director: Jeremiah McLamb
Genre: Drama
Runtime: 92 min.
Industry Rating: Not Rated
Reviewer: Edwin L Carpenter