Classic Storybook Collection with Hayley Mills

DVD Release: January 17, 2017
Classic Storybook Collection with Hayley Mills


Travel to a world of make-believe with your host HAYLEY MILLS as these fanciful, educational stories come to life. Come away on a journey you’ll treasure forever with this enchanting, animated anthology.

Dove Review

Hayley Mills presents 32 classic stories in this collection. She encourages reading books to experience the wonderful adventure they provide. Each one is presented like storytellers of the past when children sat at the feet of the person telling the tale.

There is a wide variety of story stories such as the “Beauty and the Beast”, “Paul Bunyan” and even the “Legend of Sleepy Hollow”. And if you enjoy tales of old folklore from others countries or stories that are just told by music, there is something for everyone in this collection, along with many wonderful, encouraging lessons such as being a good friend, sharing, using common sense, being practical, and even not judging others on how they look. There also is a story about working together no matter what you look like or believe. But most important is that books are filled with imagination, adventures, and sometimes provide valuable lessons. This is a very fun set of stories for all to enjoy.

We are proud to award “Classic Storybook Collection with Hayley Mills” the Dove Family-Approved Seal for all ages.

Content Description

Sex: none.
Language: none.
Violence: Any violence in these stories are done with drawings.
Drugs: Wine is mentioned.
Nudity: none.
Other: Not wanting to be friends; being prejudiced towards others but finding out that beliefs about others are wrong; comment made "Allah bless his soul".


Company: Mill Creek Entertainment
Director: Nick Bosustow
Genre: Children
Runtime: 302 min.
Industry Rating: Not Rated
Starring: Hayley Mills
Reviewer: Donna Rolfe