Child of God (Screenplay)



Teenager Kendra Williams was willing to do anything for popularity, to escape from her ultra-conservative parents, and to get the boy of her dreams. When the beguiling Guy Roberts—the devil in secret—offers her a whole new identity, she takes it. But the devil intends far more than Kendra bargained for, and Kendra soon learns that getting everything she wants means losing it all.

Desperately searching for Guy to undo her tragic mistake, Kendra, who is penniless and now a stranger to everyone, finds herself living among the downtrodden and homeless—all people she once thought beneath her. Yet, just when she’s losing hope, Kendra meets a spunky 10-year-old named Cheyenne. Together they seek to find Guy and save Kendra’s identity before it’s too late. But a medical emergency will force Kendra to decide between her future and saving Cheyenne’s life. Will she regain her identity or lose it forever?

Dove Review

To the author: This is a realistic story about young Kendra, and how she resents her parents’ Christian life, and I think how you take this story full-circle is interesting. Kendra doesn’t like helping out in the soup kitchen and looks down on the homeless people. And then, due to certain circumstances, finds herself hungry and needing help herself. The characters are richly drawn up. Due to the taking of the pills, teen drinking, and drug dealing, we are awarding the manuscript our Faith-Based Seal, meaning it has objectionable content in it but contains a faith message.

To earn the Faith-Friendly Seal, which means it doesn’t contain objectionable material, you would have to cut out the scene of the pill taking and the drug dealing. For example, alluding to a few underage teens drinking would be better than including a scene with them drinking the beer. We love the fact Kendra changes by the story’s end and winds up in a good relationship with her parents. It is up to you whether you are content with the Faith-Based Seal. We hope to review this if and when it becomes a movie. Thank you and we wish you well in your efforts.

Content Description

Sex: Two female prostitutes are seen; it's said a girl came from an abusive home in which her dad "messed with her"; a former prostitute is mentioned.
Language: O/G as a prayer; jerk-1; freak show (to somebody)-1; a comment of "I'll have to lambaste you."
Violence: A girl shoves a note in a young woman's face for her to read; two boys try to rob a girl.
Drugs: The mention of a party; underage drinking of beer at a party; pills (Adderall) are available at a party and a girl takes a couple, as do others; girl gets blurry vision after taking pills; girl hallucinates; a "beer run" comment; a man is talking to someone in a car and is selling drugs; it's mentioned a girl was addicted to drugs at one point; it's said two women used to get "high" together; a girl gives herself an insulin shot.
Nudity: A girl is dressed in a very short, form-fitting outfit; a shirtless young man dressed only in shorts.
Other: A girl lies about having a party; a girl disregards directions for the right amount of potatoes for a soup kitchen; a "freeloading" comment; a girl lies to her parents about studying for a test up in her room then leaves through her bedroom window; after taking pills, a girl sees an image of a demon flash before her; girl gets jealous of another girl; girl says it's "Jesus this, and Jesus that" with her parents; a ring from a bad guy changes Kendra's life; a character has a nose ring and tattoos; a homeless woman is seen squatting down to urinate in a parking lot; a woman gets the dry heaves from having to plunge a toilet; a woman vomits on a freshly-cleaned toilet; a bus driver tells a woman not to "spout out that rubbish again" after she shares the gospel; a diabetic girl passes out and violently shakes from diabetic shock; a girl says she prayed to God and He didn't care but she makes peace with God; demonic character mentions a girl's "Jesus-Freak" parents; a character mentions "Christian music crap".


Company: Child of God, LLC
Producer: Jennifer Prus
Genre: Drama
Runtime: 103 min.
Reviewer: Edwin L Carpenter