Lucky’s Treasure

DVD Release: April 4, 2017
Lucky’s Treasure


Heading off to college, Emily Landis (Delaney, “God’s Not Dead”) knows her life is going to change. She just wasn’t expecting it to be this difficult! Leaving her friends, moving from the city to the country, dealing with classes, and having her Grandfather as her housemate are challenging enough. But she soon discovers Grandpa Henry (Michael Ironside, “Top Gun”, “Free Willy”) also expects her to take care of Lucky, her late Grandmother’s horse—and prepare his nightly meals. Despite her desire to help shine the light of Christ in her Grandpa’s grieving world, things are looking bleak for Emily—until she meets Jake, a caring local who’s willing to help Emily acclimate both to the ranch and campus, much to the disdain of his former girlfriend. When Emily discovers her Grandma died searching for hidden treasure on the family’s ranch, she and Jake attempt to find the rare gold coin that has eluded treasure hunters, scoundrels, and thieves for decades on end. A faith-affirming tale of love, adventure, and intrigue, “Lucky’s Treasure” is a powerful reminder that things long lost might still be found today.

Dove Review

Emily’s Grandfather Henry has turned his back on God and his friends after losing his wife of many years. He is mad at God for taking her and mad at the horse she loved, plus he is fed up with the story of treasure. Henry tries to bury his sorrow in alcohol and is rude to anyone who tries to help him.

Emily and her parents have decided it would be good for Emily to live with him while she goes to college. She can help him out around the ranch and maybe help him to see that God still loves him. Henry loves his granddaughter but is not too understanding of Emily’s feelings, making her think that this may have been a mistake.

At school Emily meets Jake, a nice young man who shows her how to ride and take care of things. When Emily comes across her Grandmother’s diary about the treasure she confides in Jake about it and also asks her grandfather about the treasure’s legend. Little does Emily know that there are others interested in the gold coin that is hidden.

Lindsey, Jake’s ex-girlfriend, is a very jealous girl and threatens Emily at every turn to get between Jake and Emily. But even though there are hard times, one must remember that is how people grow with the Lord and never take the easy way out.

This is an endearing faith-friendly movie for the family. It has something for everyone: romance, treasure hunt, love, and most of all, the importance of understanding, tolerance and patience plus asking for forgiveness from God. We are proud to award the Dove Faith-Friendly Seal for ages 12-plus to “Lucky’s Treasure.”

Content Description

Sex: Girl throws herself at ex-boyfriend to make it look like he still loves her; young couple hug and kiss.
Language: Shut up-3; geez! oh! man!; God, Lord and Christ used in reverence; man starts to say "son of" but does not finish phrase; idiots, stupid.
Violence: Horse returns without rider and woman is found on side of road with head injury, little blood on head; man hurts himself while fixing the lawn mower; girl threatens another girl to stay away from young man; two guys in clown masks go into a house and threaten girl with gun and takes diary; gun on man's nightstand; man going to shoot horse but doesn't; young men and older man threaten each other with guns; man has heart attack and young men step on his hand, steal coin and leave man there with out helping him.
Drugs: Couple drinking wine with dinner; empty wine bottle on counter; man takes bottle of alcohol from cupboard; young man drinking from a flask; man drinking in his bedroom; man in hospital with IV.
Nudity: Young ladies in short skirts and shorts; mild cleavage.
Other: Discussion about losing loved ones; losing a mother to cancer; being frightened because father is in law enforcement; being revengeful; jealousy; revenge.


Company: PureFlix
Director: Shane Hawks
Genre: Drama
Runtime: 90 min.
Industry Rating: Not Rated
Reviewer: Donna Rolfe