Beyond the Darkness

DVD Release: March 16, 2016
Beyond the Darkness


A terrorist bomb explodes, rendering senator Jonah Thomas unconscious, trapped between our world and the spiritual world. He finds himself in a place where angels and demons battle for his soul in one dimension, while terrorist and FBI agents battle for his life in another. It’s a powerful story of the spiritual battle that rages around us for every human soul.

Dove Review

“Beyond the Darkness” uses realistic images and a keen director’s eye in making this movie a gripping drama. Jonah Thomas is a senator, a politician on the rise, and the other senators attempt to corrupt him. When a “cure” for cancer is developed, the greed of several senators overtake them, and they wish to market it, even though the touted cure turns out to be temporary when the cancer returns in the patients. Jonah does not wish to join their scheme. On top of this, a terrorist wants to bomb the senators in revenge for an incident involving his father.

When a bomb explodes, Jonah is hanging in the balance between life and death. He sees the archangel Gabriel, and demonic forces fight for Jonah’s soul. Due to realistic portrayal of the demons and the realistic and scary images of the Lake of Fire, we are awarding the movie our Faith-Based Seal. It contains objectionable material in the “other” category but also focuses on a strong faith message. The viewer will never forget watching the images in this movie! This quality film has earned five Doves for its realism and faith message.

Content Description

Sex: Implied sex between minor characters.
Language: Worthless-1; lunatics-1; da*ning evidence-1; H (as a Biblical place)-1.
Violence: A bomb goes off in a woman's dream, and later a bomb really explodes and people are killed; the making of a bomb; blood seen on two bombers; a man is shot; grenade explodes and man is shot at the same time; man shoots corpses to make sure they are dead; scenes of Jesus's crucifixion done in a realistic way with some blood; a man shoots a terrorist.
Drugs: The drinking of alcohol in a couple of scenes; a man takes prescription pills for pain; man gives himself a needle shot, possibly with pain medication.
Nudity: None.
Other: Scary images of demons in several scenes; a man in pain; an angel and demon fight in several scenes; gambling; a lake of fire, which realistically shows people burning in it; a demon uses a father to say his boy is worthless; a demon uses a girl to say she hates her father; death and grief.


Company: DRC Films, LLC
Genre: Fantasy
Runtime: 93 min.
Industry Rating: Not Rated
Reviewer: Edwin L Carpenter