Assassin’s Creed (2016)

Theatrical Release: December 21, 2016
Assassin’s Creed (2016)


Through a revolutionary technology that unlocks his genetic memories, Callum Lynch (Michael Fassbender) experiences the adventures of his ancestor, Aguilar, in 15th Century Spain. Callum discovers he is descended from a mysterious secret society, the Assassins, and amasses incredible knowledge and skills to take on the oppressive and powerful Templar organization in the present day.

Dove Review

“Assassin’s Creed” is a movie based on a video game, and it shows. It is an action-packed and violent movie which is short on character development and doesn’t settle down much. The main character, Callum Lynch (Michael Fassbender), when he was a child found his mother murdered. His life as an adult isn’t easy either. His ancestor was Aguilar, from 15th Century Spain, and due to DNA and modern technology, he is able to experience the past. It is referred to as “genetic memory.” He learns that a secret society, the Assassins, are his forefathers, and he winds up taking on the Templar organization, which will require all of his skill and newly gained knowledge. He must battle his demons from the past; i.e., in one scene of the movie, he says that if he could, he would love to kill his father for killing his mother. The “Apple of Eden” is an object of pursuit in the story and it stands for disobedience. One nice scene features the mention of the Bible and how some people believe it is a road map to explain violence.

This is a dark movie, to say the least, and due to nonstop violence and the strong utterances of language, we are regrettably not able to award the film our Dove Family-Approved Seal.

Content Description

Sex: There is a couple in the film but they do not kiss.
Language: F-1; S-1; a man about to be executed says, "Tell my father I'll see him in H".
Violence: A lot of violence throughout—although little blood comparatively—there is nonstop thrashing of swords; stabbings, knives used to stab as well as being shot as arrows; punching, kicking and fights; pool of blood next to dead woman; darts strike people; a man grabs a woman by the throat; a man has bloody lip from being hit; fires blazing, men fall to their death from a great height; etc.
Drugs: A lethal drug is injected into a character; a dart with a drug strikes a man; a man drinks whiskey.
Nudity: Shirtless man in a few scenes.
Other: The Catholic church is not portrayed positively in the film but is portrayed as oppressive and narrow; a man says to a prisoner, "You're not much for the Bible, are you?"; a prisoner is given a lethal injection; a device is placed on a man's neck which causes pain; a Biblical quote is not quoted entirely accurately, saying "If a man abide not in me, he is cast into the fire"; a young prince is kidnapped.


Company: 20th Century Fox
Director: Justin Kurzel
Genre: Action
Runtime: 140 min.
Industry Rating: PG-13
Starring: Michael Fassbender, Marion Cotillard, Jeremy Irons
Reviewer: Edwin L Carpenter