Drive Thru History: The Gospels

DVD Release: June 21, 2016
Drive Thru History: The Gospels


Who would you say is the most significant person who has ever lived? Dave Stotts takes us on his most exciting adventure yet as he tells the story of Jesus from the locations recorded in the Gospels of Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John. Dave travels to over 50 ancient sites in Israel to deliver the Gospels in a fresh and compelling way. As Dave uncovers the evidence for the truth of scripture, he encourages all of us to get excited about reading the Bible again! These 18 action-packed episodes delve into the history, archaeology, geography, and art surrounding the birth, ministry, death, and resurrection of Jesus. Like you’ve come to expect from Drive Thru History®, these shows are fun, adventurous, and family-friendly. However, we think there is no better educational coverage of the Gospels available today! As a bonus, Dave takes you and your family on a unique driving tour of Israel to experience the actual places where Jesus traveled and taught. This series of Drive Thru History® is nearly nine hours of captivating content designed for all ages. The shows can be used as family entertainment, a small group study, a Sunday school curriculum, or a homeschool supplement. Join us at for the latest updates related to “The Gospels” and Dave’s other adventures in the Drive Thru History® series.

Dove Review

“Drive Thru History: The Gospels” is an exciting series which presents the gospels via the narration of Dave Stotts and through video of his travels in the Holy Land. He drives a lot in his jeep (which he calls Steve McQueen) and Stotts points out various locations and shares background and stories. He is very knowledgeable. This is a mammoth series, featuring 18 chapters on three discs.

Some of the highlights feature beautiful scenery, insightful information, and incredible drawings, paintings, and artwork which portrays the various stories including the crucifixion of Jesus. The land of Israel and its history is featured, which moves on to the birth of Jesus, the ministry of Jesus, His miracles and teachings, including the Sermon on the Mount, His journey on the Sea of Galilee, His travels north, and the final trip to Jerusalem. It climaxes with the Last Supper, the trial of Jesus, the crucifixion, resurrection and an epilogue focusing on Jesus in a biographical manner.

There is a word of caution at the beginning, explaining the violence of the crucifixion. While these scenes do feature some blood, none are gratuitous. Parents should consult our content listing to make their own informed decisions. We are awarding the documentary our Faith-Friendly Seal for ages 12-plus. Anyone who views this outstanding series will intimately know Christ better than before.

Content Description

Sex: None.
Language: None.
Violence: A drawing of a man being stabbed but no blood is seen; a drawing of Herod's soldiers killing babies shown briefly; live action crucifixion scenes which show blood but are not gratuitous although it might be a bit much for some viewers; paintings of war such as Babylon capturing southern Judah and destroying the temple.
Drugs: An explanation of Jesus turning the water into wine.
Nudity: Nothing graphic, but several paintings feature people wearing little; a painting of Mary holding the nude baby Jesus; shirtless men in some.
Other: A drawing of a scary-looking Satan tempting Jesus; idol worship is mentioned as having taken place.


Company: Coldwater Media, Inc.
Director: James Fitzgerald, Jr.
Producer: James Fitzgerald, Jr.
Genre: Documentary
Runtime: 487 min.
Industry Rating: Not Rated
Starring: Dave Stotts
Reviewer: Edwin L Carpenter