An Uncommon Grace

Network Premier: February 12, 2017
DVD Release: February 12, 2017
An Uncommon Grace


Hallmark Movies & Mysteries Premiere – February 12, 2017: Grace Connor, a military nurse formerly stationed in Afghanistan, hopes that moving to a farm in rural Ohio will help her recover from the ravages of war. Levi Troyer finds his pacifist beliefs challenged when he discovers his stepfather has been killed and his mother wounded by an unknown intruder. Levi and Grace are thrown together when she comes to his family’s rescue and saves his mother’s life. A deep attraction develops—even though a relationship between them is strictly forbidden.

Dove Review

In this heartwarming story, two worlds collide due to unfortunate events. Grace Connor came home to her family because of her grandmother’s heart attack. While there, their neighbor Levi finds his parents have been shot. Because of their Amish beliefs, there is no phone at his home, so he rides to the Connor house for help .

Grace goes to help Levi’s mother who is with child and has been shot. On arrival, Grace finds Levi’s stepfather dead and helps save his mother and new baby brother. Their relationship becomes close, but it is forbidden in the Amish community to which Levi’s family belongs. Along the way many things happen that tries to come between the two. But if it is God’s will, the right thing will happen.

This is a story with the mystery of “Who did it?”, a little forbidden love, and two different people coming together. It is a wonderful tale of faith and love. We are proud to award the Dove Faith-Friendly Seal for all ages to “An Uncommon Grace”.

Content Description

Sex: Woman lies about "coupling" with man; a couple kisses.
Language: OMG-1
Violence: Couple has been shot —minor blood shown; a robbery has occurred from a garage; young boy finds a gun and accidentally shoots the floor in a house, shot occurs off-screen, woman almost hits a buggy, but goes into ditch; man threatens three people in a barn; two men fight.
Drugs: Man is a drug dealer.
Nudity: Woman in nightgown.
Other: Differences between Amish sects and English; man is rude to others.


Company: American Cinema Inspires
Director: David Mackay
Producer: George Shamieh
Genre: Drama
Runtime: 84 min.
Industry Rating: Not Rated
Reviewer: Donna Rolfe