Angels in Disguise – The Complete Documentary Series

Theatrical Release: March 4, 2017
DVD Release: April 4, 2017
Angels in Disguise – The Complete Documentary Series


Are there angels among us? Do they appear at random, or do they have specific assignments? Do they come to save and protect, or are they merely observing the human condition? Discover what angels are doing in your life… and why.

“Angels in Disguise” is filled with true stories that show us it is possible to have an angel in our own life!


1. Angelic Shorthand, The Muzzleloader, A Race for Life, Angels in Gingham and Overalls

2. Barney the Trucker, The Window Blind, The Boy in the Bog, The Locked Door, Angel Rescue

3. Angel in a Snowstorm, The Hobo Ghost, Interrupted Train Ride, A Warning in the Night

4. The Young Hitchhiker, Grandma’s Ring, A Blinding Light, The Strength of a Mother, The Rainbow

5. A Brother’s Love, The Orderly, The Volunteer Cop, Little Blue Girl

Dove Review

“Angels in Disguise” is a wonderful, heartwarming collection of short stories about unexplainable events that happen to people. These are true stories from people who relate lifesaving incidences that may have been miracles or help from guardian angels. Whether one believes in angels or miracles, these stories show that some things happen that most think are impossible.

The stories tell of a young girl saved from a house fire by her grandfather, a young man misses his train because he sees what he believes to be his double, a volunteer sheriff who does not believe in an unexplained feeling that saves a couple, and many more. If you do not believe in guardian angels or miracles, these stories may change your mind.

We proudly award the Dove Family-Approved Seal for all ages to this astounding collection of miraculous stories.

Content Description

Sex: None.
Language: H-1.
Violence: Accidents with some blood; man target-shooting; boy is stabbed and his car is stolen; the string from a window blind becomes wrapped around a young girl's neck; fire in a house; young girl falls and breaks her leg; man steals another man's wallet; man falls through old floor.
Drugs: Men drinking and driving; scenes of people in hospital.
Nudity: Man is seen shirtless.
Other: People that have died are seen by others; strange things that cannot be explained.


Company: Mill Creek Entertainment
Producer: C3 Entertainment, Inc.; Grizzly Adams ® Productions
Genre: Documentary
Runtime: 230 min.
Industry Rating: Not Rated
Starring: Hosted by Darren McGavin
Reviewer: Donna Rolfe