Unlocked: The World of Games, Revealed

DVD Release: August 15, 2017
Unlocked: The World of Games, Revealed


“Unlocked” is a groundbreaking eight-part documentary series that provides firsthand stories by industry icons, celebrities, consumers, and field experts on the culture, technology, history, and future of the video game industry.

Dove Review

In the world of gaming, younger generations have grown up with it, but most just play the games. This collection is an in-depth look at the history, creation, and growth in the industry—including its qualities in helping those with medical problems and the gaming world.

Meet the professionals who create, design, program, and also act in the games. It takes many people to bring a video game to life. As you see the technology that it takes to develop this type of entertainment in the game world, you also see how games help cancer patients and other people with their recovery from medical problems. There is also a global community of competitions of the sport of gaming making international relationships from different cultures. Plus, a little-known fact that is interesting: E sports (video games competition) is viewed by more people than the Super Bowl.

This series will provide a better understanding of the video game industry. I am not a gamer, but this series was an enlightening view. The interviews with creators and CEOs from many companies, players show how the industries related to gaming have evolved—the filming, the technology and the effect on society—will all give knowledge of the gaming world. We also look into the future of virtual video in the gaming world.

The viewer will be educated from all sides of the video game world. It is truly a series that will have effect on family conversations and knowledge about video games. Where will video games go from here? Viewers get an added behind-the-scenes bonus of how this documentary was made.

This interesting documentary is approved for all ages with the Dove Family Approved Seal.

Content Description

Sex: Provocatively dressed women in games.
Language: oh my gosh - 3.
Violence: Gaming violence, explosions, guns, etc.
Drugs: Scenes of children and adults in hospital with IVs and medication.
Nudity: Female characters in video games with a lot of cleavage, in tight clothes, midriffs showing and sexually dressed; male characters shown shirtless.
Other: The effects of gaming on people as an addiction.


Company: Media Juice Studios
Writer: Jeremy Snead
Director: Jeremy Snead
Producer: Jeremy Snead
Genre: Documentary
Runtime: 360 min.
Industry Rating: G
Reviewer: Donna Rolfe