In Over My Head

DVD Release: July 10, 2017
In Over My Head


“Over My Head” is a Christian romance/comedy that tells the story of Nathan Edwards, a rich, spoiled college graduate who finds himself the guardian of his younger siblings after their parents’ untimely death. Heir to the family fortune and his father’s thriving business, he is immature and unprepared. Trying to please his bossy girlfriend and school administrators, he cycles through stereotypical nannies and trips over the girl of his dreams. Sarah is everything his spoiled girlfriend is not. She is beautiful, funny, brave and spiritual—and a match for his feisty siblings. Sarah’s unspoiled love for them and her godly courage to protect them at the risk of her own life compels Nathan to examine his life and choices. Realizing they need more, they invite themselves to church with Sarah, where they discover the power and love of Jesus to bring healing and direction into their lives.

Dove Review

Living in an apartment, Nathan has been doing whatever he wants, and to him, life is good. But when asked to take care of his siblings while his parents travel, it is not his idea of fun. He has no clue that it will turn into a long-term commitment and responsibility.

He discovers that becoming the head of this household is not easy. Finding nannies, cooking, and just helping his little brother and sister is overwhelming—until his friend’s cousin comes into his life. Sarah is so different than anyone he has ever met. As things change in his siblings, he realizes that something needs to change in his life also.

This is a story of a young man’s challenges in life and how one young woman helps him see that believing in the Lord can change everything. The movie is a comedy, but it portrays how the influence of being a good Christian can help others.

The Dove FaithFriendly Seal for 12-plus is awarded to “In Over My Head.”

Content Description

Sex: Young woman is in her pajamas in young man's apartment when dad comes to visit and he has her hide—assumed sex, but not shown; woman in nightgown tries to get in bed with young man but is turned down; couple kiss.
Language: Calling children names such as brats, monsters and spores of satan; oh my gosh-2.
Violence: Children shoot toy guns at brother; take nanny's rosary; man breaks into house, ties up young boy and tapes his mouth; woman throws water in young man's face; young woman throws young man's wallet at him.
Drugs: Doctor talks to young man about pills; drinking in some scenes; main character is seen drunk.
Nudity: Mild cleavage; woman in nightgown.
Other: Parents die; being selfishness and inconsiderate; trying to get someone to marry before they are ready; rude behavior towards others; telling lies about being a missionary; jealousy; bragging about being something you are not.


Company: Bridgestone Multimedia Group
Writer: Sun Hui East
Producer: Sun Hui East
Genre: Comedy
Runtime: 105 min.
Industry Rating: PG
Reviewer: Donna Rolfe