The Prophet’s Son

DVD Release: August 1, 2017
The Prophet’s Son


Abel Benjamin is a talented, internationally known concert musician, and one of the sons of a respected pastor and prophet. Juliet Oscar is a published author who has loved Abel from a distance and is quietly waiting on God to reveal his plan in their lives. She lives with her widowed mother and twin younger brothers who are trying to establish their separate identities and deal with the loss of their father. The lives of these two families intertwine as they reach inside a high school where one of the twins becomes involved in a gang and loses his life trying to prevent a school shooting. It tells the story of his brother’s anger and subsequent disappearance into the streets and the heartache of the families uniting to search for him. It begins in the year of a hotly contested presidential election and ends during the nation’s process of recovery when the new president’s inexperience opens the door to a nuclear attack. Throughout the film there is the consistent message of love, self sacrifice, hope and unity.

Dove Review

“The Prophet’s Son” is a realistic and dramatic look at life with the perspective of what could happen to America if people do not turn toward God. The film features some good actors, a powerful plot line and good Christian music. Abel Benjamin (Josiah David Warren) is a minister’s son and a terrific musician. He reaches out and helps other people in trouble, and he falls in love. Little does he know a nuclear attack awaits L.A. as well as Denver, Boston, Chicago and New York.

Themes include forgiveness, sharing a message of compassion, love, and hope. Due to the violence in the film and some blood, we are awarding the movie our Faith-Based Seal, meaning it has a faith message with some objectionable material. Viewers who watch this will see a movie which offers light following dark times.

Content Description

Sex: None.
Language: Stupid-2; H (as a place)-1; man says, "I hate you."
Violence: A man holds up restaurant with gun but is talked out of it; a Christian man is shot in the leg; man says "I'll blow your brains out" twice; men shoot a teacher, students are shot, and blood is splattered on the wall; boy is shot, and although blood is not seen, the boy dies; shooting and bombings in a street in Manila; two guys fight and a knife is pulled; L.A. is bombed and people are hurt by terrorists.
Drugs: Possible wine seen on table; drunken man seen with blood on his face.
Nudity: Men, women and kids in shorts.
Other: Man speaks in demonic voice and tells a Christian he would like to kill him but Christian man prays for him and he is set free; tension between characters.


Company: Bridgestone Multimedia Group
Writer: Sun Hui East
Director: Paul McLean
Producer: Sun Hui East
Genre: Inspirational
Runtime: 100 min.
Industry Rating: PG-13
Reviewer: Edwin L Carpenter