Treasure Hounds

DVD Release: August 15, 2017
Treasure Hounds


When Grandpa passes away, he leaves his house to Kim and her son Jack. It doesn’t take long for Jack and his talking dog Skipper to discover the clues Grandpops left behind intended to lead Jack to a hidden treasure. But our heroes are not the only ones aware of Grandpa’s gold. Gunther and his henchman Ronnie are tracking the same scent. The stakes are raised when Jack learns his small town could be declared “blighted” at any moment. A potential town-wide evacuation is looming if they don’t find money to repair the underwater pipes. Can Jack, Skipper and their friends save the town in time?

Dove Review

“Treasure Hounds” is a delight! Talented actors and a good director in Tim J. Brown liven up this story with bumbling criminals, precocious kids, and physical comedy. Oh, a treasure hunt is part of the plot too, and the suspense builds as Jack, Twyla, Fred and Jennifer attempt to solve Jack’s grandfather’s clues to find the hidden treasure, whatever it is. The vivid and bright autumn colors are a nice background for this film.

Jack and his mother have moved to Grandpop’s home after he has passed on. Jack is not keen on the idea, stating he misses his school and his friends. However, soon he becomes acquainted with Fred and Twyla, the next door neighbors, and when he meets Jennifer he thinks she is beautiful. However, a couple of amateur crooks, Gunther and Ronnie, want to find Grandpop’s treasure too. Gunther speaks with a German accent and the tall man, working with the very short Ronnie, are quite a humorous pair. And Jack’s dog Skipper and cat Chauncy make quite a pair too.

The themes include friends sticking together and making the most of changes they face. The laughs are plenty, too. We are very delighted to award this movie our Dove Family-Approved Seal for all ages. “Treasure Hounds” is physical comedy at its best and is well worth seeing!

Content Description

Sex: None.
Language: Geez-2; butt/butts-3; duh-3; you old coot-1; fool-1; a "buttocks" workout book is mentioned a few times; shut up-2; jerk-1; airhead-1; chicken-1; monsters-1; buffoons-1; criminal calls kids "losers".
Violence: Physical comedy in several scenes including a criminal smacking his partner in the head; kids throw balls at one criminal; criminal falls off a stage; a dog bites criminal in rear; kids hit short thief on top of head with a globe and it covers his face; Gunther's mom hits him and Ronnie in the heads; she accidentally hits Gunther on another occasion; kid uses a high-pitched noise and steam to try to capture criminals while they're in a theater.
Drugs: What's presumed to be old dog food is from 1973 and has arsenic in it.
Nudity: Man seen in boxers.
Other: A boy is angry that his mother has moved them to another home and says, "This is so unfair," before storming out, but he comes to like it; tension between characters; flatulence from a dog and criminal; in a humorous scene criminals accidentally nab a cat instead of a dog.


Company: Lionsgate
Director: Tim Brown
Genre: Adventure
Runtime: 87 min.
Industry Rating: Not Rated
Starring: Norm McDonald
Reviewer: Edwin L Carpenter