Jesus, Bro!

DVD Release: April 14, 2017
Jesus, Bro!


In this outrageous comedy, an Internet Atheist has a near death experience, and must return to Earth to deliver a new message to his volatile audience.

Dove Review

“Jesus, Bro!” is a satire, a “spoof”—and that word is even used in the film. However, it is a spoof about the Christian faith, and regrettably, many people would find it offensive and a scathing mocking of Christian believers. No doubt some Christians over the years have not always acted in a way that was kind and considerate. Maybe they even seemed to lack a bit of logic or common sense at times. Still, I have known Christians who have sacrificed to help pay someone’s electric bill, buy them food, or just be there to listen to them when life had given them a big blow of disappointment. Certainly, not all Christians are “strange” or unintelligent people. In fact, my response to this film is that if Christ and his church is still the subject of films, books and literature some 2,000 years after the founding of Christianity, then Jesus must be pretty special to elicit all this attention! Unfortunately, people have feet of clay (are “human” in other words), and don’t always represent him well. The film certainly conveys that.

The movie features comments about having sex with monkeys, with Jesus being represented as Santa Claus. In fact, he is called “Santa Christ” in the film. Yet, he is called a “ba*tard” by one of the characters, Rick Whitehead (David Gobble). Also, Rick is speaking on his internet program and mentions how Jesus “couldn’t even take a good flogging.” Then he mentions a senator that pays to get “flogged” at the leather club. Jesus is also called “Christ Kringle” and there is the mention of a Christ chicken sandwich. Jesus is also portrayed as a pickle and the term “Vlasic Jesus” is used. Rick is a bit teed off because his girlfriend, a Christian, broke up with him. He thinks if he pretends to be a Christian he can win her back.

There is a lot of strong language in this film, as well as a lot of other content issues. We have listed it below. Although the filmmakers probably intended to be humorous in this satire, a lot of our audiences are conservative members who would not find this to be a “wholesome” entertaining “family” program, something we promote and get behind. So, unfortunately, we can’t award our Dove Family-Approved Seal to this film. This figure, Jesus, continues to gain followers as well as those that doubt he is the Son of God. At least the character of Rick is honest about his beliefs when he says, near the end, “I don’t know if God exists or not.”

Content Description

Sex: It's mentioned a senator paid for a flogging at the "leather club"; a man admits to once cheating on his girlfriend; a man says he had sex with monkeys and the word "humping" is used; a mocking joke about two people living in separate states before they get married so they won't have sex; a woman says she cheated on her husband; a comment about one night stands.
Language: G/OMG-7; D-2; H-4; H (as a place)-7; Hell bound-1; frickin-2; slang for male genitalia-3; Santa Christ is supposed to be Jesus and is mentioned several times and seen in the film; Vlasic Jesus-1; sucks-1; jumping Judea-1; Santa Christ is called a "ba*tard" in the film; "bearded ba*tard"-1; Holy crap-1.
Violence: A man is assaulted off screen; blood is seen on bandage; man accidentally shoots himself in the foot although blood is not seen on him; a man says when his wife died in a car accident he needed to "kill something" and still thinks about it at every full moon; a deer is shot, and we see a spray of blood; a person says he needs to drink beer and shoot something.
Drugs: Several scenes of drinking including bar scenes and beer drinking; a comment about drinking Scotch; it's said a man drinks "holy" beer, mixed with holy water; a comment about Hitler videos being uploaded; the word "Hellschlager" is seen on beer; it's mentioned the twinkle of God was seen in a man's eyes and someone says he was on drugs.
Nudity: Cleavage; man's shoulders and leg is seen in bath tub; man in shorts;
Other: A man dressed up like Jesus takes a toy away from a child and breaks it; a man on TV says there is no God; a man says Jesus was a guy who couldn't take a good flogging; it's stated the "Boss Savior" died for no reason; man vomits in a bucket and basket; a sign about Yoga is seen; it's said a man refused medical care until all the crosses would be turned upside down at Hospice; man reads Bible in bath tub and drops it in water; it's said a woman married a man the next day after breaking up with a character and she already has 19 kids; a kind of unusual comment about Kirk Cameron is made and a mock "War Room", based on the film; a man says he taped a picture of Richard Dawkins on his grandmother's casket so he would feel something at her funeral; man says he hates Christ Chicken but hates Sundays worse; man says he and Santa Christ are like his underwear and him--they're really tight; the devil is portrayed in a Hell-like place and says he doesn't like Jesus and he likes seeing flesh burn; we see a lake of fire; a toaster says, "Holy Toast" on it; man says he doesn't believe God is real; a woman portrays God and says it doesn't matter what religion you follow or what God you worship but it matters what kind of person you are on Earth before you go to Heaven, thereby stating man needs no savior but can save himself.


Company: Walkaway Entertainment
Director: Ryan Mitchelle
Producer: Ryan Mitchelle
Genre: Comedy
Runtime: 85 min.
Industry Rating: Not Rated
Reviewer: Edwin L Carpenter