Balancing the Scales

Balancing the Scales


Based on interviews conducted over two decades, “Balancing the Scales” is an insightful look at the story of women lawyers in America. The interviewees include a broad array of lawyers and judges across five generations, including Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg, civil rights attorney Gloria Allred, and Roe v. Wade attorney Margie Pitts Hames.

Dove Review

“Balancing the Scales” is a sharp, in-depth look at the gender-equality issues in America’s law firms. Director Sharon Rowen has spent her long career as a lawyer both participating in and studying the unfortunate realities of the glass ceilings in our nation’s prestigious law firms.

The conclusion Ms. Rowen draws in “Balancing The Scales” after countless testimonies of unfair treatment of women is that “we” must keep working and fighting. She says that the injustice in the gender pay gap is all-too-real, but that to women, money is secondary. Throughout this report, there is a mix of agonizing discrimination in women’s efforts to overcome obstacles to achieve success.

Clearly, in this story, there are political points of view that correspond with the liberal platforms on abortion and gay rights. It’s not our place to debate those particular issues in this review, but the video’s position is clearly counter to biblical values, so this isn’t a film that strives for a Dove seal of approval, nor will it receive one. But the impact from this documentary can be greater than the debate on those issues. It’s always healthy to be open to a dialogue, and each of us needs to investigate our own cultural biases. Jesus was super radical, and if we’re trying to be like Him, we must also lean into challenging discussions, equipped to represent our beliefs lovingly.

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Faith: None
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Language: None
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Other: This documentary includes political views that are counter to biblical views overall.