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Where The Road Runs Out

George discovers there are many obstacles on the road to redemption—and a few more when the road runs out.
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George (Isaach De Bankolé) is a heavy-drinking, partying, disillusioned academic with a sour disposition. When a beloved friend passes away, George returns to his home of rural Africa to take over his friend’s research. Having lost touch with his roots, and still feeling guilty about his relationship with his long-since-gone father, George approaches the set-up as a fresh start. He spends his days drinking and generally being cantankerous, until his life is thankfully interrupted by a young orphan boy named Jimmy (beautifully played by newcomer Sizo Motsoko). Jimmy is just the shot of life that George needs, and although he is seemingly aggravated by him at times, George comes to love Jimmy and becomes a father figure for him.

While conducting his research for a way to improve the area’s soil, George begins improving his life and the community around him; he quits drinking, develops a somewhat awkward but adorable relationship with the orphanage’s director, Corina (Juliet Landau), and helps out at the orphanage. It seems that George is finally making some progress when his old party buddy Martin (Stelio Savante) arrives and brings with him the attitude and habits George is trying to shed.

Where the Road Runs Out is a cinematic accomplishment for Equatorial New Guinea, becoming the first feature ever filmed there. Spectacular cinematography shows off the landscapes in beautiful locations. George’s slow progress to redemption mimics our own real-life struggles with change. He doesn’t transform overnight, and neither do we. The story is charming and inspiring to watch; it is unique and refreshing…something we’re not used to seeing. Each character becomes a better person as the film progresses, and I enjoyed how each character influences positive change in the other in some way.

Although there are many things to like about Where the Road Runs Out, there are some obvious weak spots. At times it drags on or seems disjointed, and although there is a happy ending, it seems incomplete and unsatisfying. There is excessive drinking, overt alcoholism and quite a bit of colorful language, (even after George has turned over a new leaf). The hope for transformation is there, but unfortunately it never fully materializes. For these reasons we are unable to award Where the Road Runs Out a seal of approval.

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A large fire occurs; heavy tension (yelling between characters); a child is ill.


A man grabs a woman's behind while dancing; a man and a woman kiss; flirting at a bar


"P***"; "GD"; "Bast***"; "D***"; "A**"; "H***"


A large fire occurs; heavy tension (yelling between characters); a child is ill.


Alcoholism; a party where people drink and pass out drunk


A man is seen shritless.


A character embezzles money; bullying; a man calls a boy "the devil."

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