As Far As The Eye Can See

DVD Release: March 6, 2018
As Far As The Eye Can See


Jack Ridge (Jason London, Dazed and Confused) is stuck, 40 years old, living on a North Texas farm he has let go to seed. In the land of Van Cliburn, where classical piano holds pride of place, Jack is a former prodigy who has withdrawn to his family’s land. His wife (Jenni Tooley, Boyhood) has left him, and the week of the annual county piano competition he punches his fist into a wall, threatening to derail his performance and burn his last remaining bridge to the town he grew up in. When the local corporate farm ratchets up the pressure on him to sell his land, his only allies are Phillip (Danny Mora, McFarland, USA), the cantankerous, elderly owner of the local Mexican restaurant and Alyssa (Jasmine Skloss-Harrison), a teenage spitfire with dreams of being a farmer. Jack Ridge is living in the past, but the future is coming for him.

Dove Review

As Far As The Eye Can See is an excellent drama that embodies the idea behind a supportive community within a small-town setting. Jack (Jason London), a has-been piano prodigy now teaching lessons in his hometown, must play a special recital for his town by the end of the week, but his damaged hand worries the people around him. Jack, however, is not bothered or hindered. He shows us how we have special gifts and talents that can sometimes be broken or deterred, yet the help and grace of others can carry us along.

Jack finds support in one of his students, Philip (Danny Mora), the owner of a Mexican restaurant, and Alyssa (Jasmine Skloss-Harrison), young and equally stubborn. It is these characters who bring Jack from the demons of his past and allow him to fulfill his future. As Far As The Eye Can See has a strong, encouraging message we can all learn from. Due to the level of onscreen drinking and smoking by a youth, Dove unfortunately cannot give approval of the film.

Content Description

Faith: Scenes occasionally take place in a church, and the "good Lord" is often mentioned
Violence: Man punches a wall; brief reference to a past drunk-driving accident
Sex: None
Language: "Da****"
Violence: Man punches a wall; brief reference to a past drunk-driving accident
Drugs: Main character drinks from flask; character allows a minor to drink from flask; wine drunk at a dinner table; character occasionally drinks beer; young women frequently smokes
Nudity: None
Other: None


Company: As Far As The Eye Can See, LLC
Writer: Paden Fallis
Director: David Franklin
Genre: Drama
Runtime: 88 min.
Reviewer: Rory P