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The Price of Fame

The Price of Fame is the story of professional wrestling legend "The Million Dollar Man" Ted DiBiase. In the 1980s, sports entertainment was becoming what the world was watching on Saturdays. At the forefront of this was a character who knew that "everybody has a price." Behind the scenes, the greatest wrestling match Ted DiBiase was having was with himself. At home, DiBiase was a devoted family man. On the road, his lifestyle defined "sex, drugs and professional wrestling." He had amassed great fame and fortune, as well as a fictitious sense of reality. The price of fame is told through the eyes of Ted’s son, former WWE Superstar, Ted DiBiase Jr. He walks back through pro wrestling's past to discover his father's journey of coming to faith.
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The Price of Fame is an incredible film, showing in the most powerful ways the forgiveness and redemptive powers of God through Christ. Ted DiBiase, the former wrestler, now in the Wresting Hall of Fame, had it all—a loving wife, children, and fame. Billed as the “Million Dollar Man,” he portrayed an image of fame and wealth, staying at first-class hotels, riding in limousines, and flashing money to fans. Yet he became a broken man when his wife learned of his infidelity. Fearful at the prospect of losing the woman who had stood with him, who had been a devoted wife and loving mother, Ted found his answer in Christ. A pastor named Hal Santos ministered to him; Ted became a different man and once again a faithful and loving husband and father.

This inspirational and wonderful documentary shows Ted up close with his wife and now grown sons, Teddy and Brett. They are seen in candid clips, talking about the past and the change that took place in Ted when he surrendered to the Lord. We see clips of Andre the Giant, Hulk Hogan, and other well-known wrestlers. Various people in Ted’s life are interviewed. Ted is shown in interviews and hanging with his family, and the heart-touching speech he gave at his introduction into the Hall of Fame, how he speaks of the love of his wife and children, and he acknowledges his Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.

The documentary begins with Ted’s recollections of his father, really his stepfather, Mike DiBiase, who was a loving and devoted father, and the impact this loving man had on Ted’s life. There are a few uses of language and the mention of former drug use as well as indiscreet behavior. But this uplifting documentary focuses on the difference Christ made in the life of Ted DiBiase, and how it affects his kids and grandkids in a positive way to this day. This film should not be missed. It offers hope to all that watch it and the power of forgiveness.

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Several comments about the impact Christ made on various people's lives; a few scriptures are quoted.


Wrestling scenes but nothing over the top.


The affairs of a married man are mentioned; a few clips of a woman rubbing Ted on the shoulders in the ring.


G-1; H-3; A-1


Wrestling scenes but nothing over the top.


The mention of former drug use including cocaine; talk of a lot of drinking including wine and champagne; a bar scene is re-enacted.


Cleavage in a few scenes; shirtless men; naked women in a car is mentioned.


A few women kiss Ted's foot; candid interviews in which Ted's family talks of his infidelity and the pain they endured; the mention of death and grief; Ted says he will give a young man $500 for dribbling a basketball 15 times in a row but then on the 15th time, Ted kicks the ball away from the boy.

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