My Many Sons

Theatrical Release: March 5, 2018
My Many Sons


Although Don Meyer, men’s basketball coach, claimed the most wins in college basketball until 2011 with a combination of wins in NAIA and NCAA games, he won true success by coaching more than players. He coached lives.

Dove Review

My Many Sons brings us the inspiring story of Don Meyer (Judge Reinhold), a coach obsessed with his version of success: growing the successful lives of his young players. Narrated by his son Jerry’s character, this well-acted film is a tribute to an unsung American hero who spent over 30 years coaching and molding young men to influence their world. If there ever was a coach who embodied the term “tough love,” it was Meyer, relentlessly striving to elicit the max potential from each and every player. Unyielding in character building, coach Meyer turned each practice into his own kind of unappreciated boot camp. He could spot a slacker a mile away! “You think you’re in the Bahamas?!” the sarge-in-charge would bellow. But he was known for realigning perspectives, and quitters many times returned to be more than they ever dreamed.

Like a sharp-edged sword, Meyer pared away mediocrity with a zeal for detail and discipline. Meyer was a 24-hour coach to his players, He prayed with them unashamedly. He was their rock. As a father and husband, he ran his household with a strong, even hand, displaying uncharacteristic patience when his own son announces he needs a break from basketball. Not surprisingly, his uncompromising pursuit of excellence, his hours of work for his school and players took a toll on his health, requiring a battle for his life, and giving us a peek into some critical events that shaped his character. Judge Reinhold does an excellent job of conveying the true championship of Coach Don Meyer, and My Many Sons earns approval for Ages 12+.

Content Description

Faith: Scenes depicting prayer and philosophy
Violence: Coach shoves players; car accident causes bloody injuries
Sex: None
Language: "Numb nuts"
Violence: Coach shoves players; car accident causes bloody injuries
Drugs: None
Nudity: None
Other: Coach frequently yells at players; boy wants to run away with his girlfriend


Company: Bridgestone Multimedia Group
Writer: Carol Miller
Genre: Drama
Runtime: 97 min.
Reviewer: Stephanie W