The Life and Faith of C.S. Lewis



Narrated by Academy Award-winner Ben Kingsley, this multi-award-winning program is the most complete portrait of the world-renowned author considered by many to be the greatest Christian writer of the 20th century. C.S. Lewis continues to bring magic into the lives of readers young and old with his classic fantasy series, The Chronicles of Narnia.

Dove Review

By now, C.S. Lewis’ writings and stories are known and ingrained into western literature, and his own life story too has become something of a tale for the ages. In The Life and Faith of C.S. Lewis we get more of the same as the calming, scholarly voice of actor Ben Kingsley narrates his life story from heartbreaking beginnings to fulfilling end. Yet there is also a special twinge that zooms in on Lewis’ faith walk, especially in how myth and fairy tale would become the roots of his Chronicles of Narnia stories and, in turn, his Christian apologetics.

The Life and Faith of C.S. Lewis takes a fascinating perspective of the author’s biographical story, and even if it does not necessarily shed new light, it is all the same a pleasurable sojourn for those interested in Lewis’ life. The content is mild, but the biographical nature may not be particularly suitable for young audiences. Dove is pleased to award the film our approval for Ages 12+.

Content Description

Faith: Lewis' faith story is clearly expressed as he defends the Christian faith
Violence: Mention of the World Wars; some nongraphical archival war footage
Sex: A suggested comment about a potential affair with an older woman long before his marriage
Language: None
Violence: Mention of the World Wars; some nongraphical archival war footage
Drugs: Biographical discussion on Lewis' drinking habits
Nudity: None
Other: Heavy, mature subjects of the philosophy of Christianity


Company: Questar Inc.
Writer: Chip Duncan
Director: Chip Duncan
Producer: Chip Duncan
Genre: Documentary
Runtime: 85 min.
Reviewer: Rory P