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It’s A Miracle Season 3

Eighty-four percent of American adults believe that God performs miracles. Forty-eight percent claim to have witnessed a miracle. Seventy-one percent of Christians say they have prayed for miracles. It's a Miracle, hosted by Richard Thomas, features stories filled with hope and inspiration. Each riveting DVD will include dramatic real-life accounts of remarkable experiences, miraculous healings, divine interventions, and personal transformations.
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It’s A Miracle Season 3 features episodes nine through twenty-two, hosted by the amiable Richard Thomas. Many of the key members in the various stories speak of their faith in God and in angels, making it an inspiring and uplifting series! Miracles of recovery from near-death experiences, the finding of a faithful companion dog that was lost, and a touching story of two girls, great friends, who were separated at an orphanage, only to find each other again years later will warm your heart. Many of the real-life people, family, and friends chronicled in the series appear at the end of each episode briefly speaking with Richard about how the experiences changed them.

Some highlights: In episode nine, the pilot of a small plane passes out, and a father of five children has to take over to safely land the plane. Fortunately, a pilot in air hears the distress call and contacts the father to offer assistance, but it will be tricky. Can he safely land the plane?

In yet another episode in this third season a woman is trapped underwater in her car following a flash flood. Can she be rescued when the door will not open? The storytelling in this series shows us a husband having to deliver his and his wife’s baby on the side of a busy road; a young boy named Danny, born with serious birth defects, longs to be a police officer like his father—the amazing ending of this story will move many viewers to tears. Another story features a depressed man who attempts suicide but is rescued and finds a caring new family in the process.

One episode shows us how two girls who meet at an orphanage become inseparable friends—until they are indeed, separated. Their miracle occurs years later. In another sequence, a woman loves her dog, Boris, and loses him after a bizarre plane incident. She begins a search for him and finds help in an unexpected way. In an emotionally charged and romanctic story, a sailor goes off to war, leaving his girlfriend behind. They don’t find each other again for 50 years.

A lifesaving story emerges when a man who has a heart attack while working with his grandson; the young boy is amazing in the situation, helping to save his grandfather’s life. A brother’s love saves a young man after a serious accident in which he is pronounced “brain dead.” But his brother’s gut feeling is that it isn’t true. What happens is truly a miracle. And finally, episode 22 brings season three to an end with a triumphant story about a little girl and a lawn mower accident, a hang-glider that crashes into high voltage wires, and a dog with a message.

You and your family will be uplifted and moved by these amazing incidents. It is inspirational viewing for sure. We award our Dove Seal for Ages 12+ to this amazing package of stories of miracles!

Dove Rating Details


The mention of God and of praying and believing in miracles; not much in the way of scripture references.


Non graphic scenes of accidents; a wounded sailor is seen with bloody bandages.


A few scenes of kissing.


Several emotional utterances of "OMG", "O/G"; Da*n-1


Non graphic scenes of accidents; a wounded sailor is seen with bloody bandages.




Shirtless man.


A psychic helps out in one case and nothing is noted about her particular faith system; the method of finding a lost person with "dowsing" rods is mentioned; comments on whether prayer and God led to miracles or amazing science, which is difficult to explain.

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