It’s A Miracle Season 4



Eighty-four percent of American adults believe that God performs miracles. Forty-eight percent claim to have witnessed a miracle. Seventy-one percent of Christians say they have prayed for miracles. It’s a Miracle, hosted by Richard Thomas, features stories filled with hope and inspiration. Each riveting DVD will include dramatic real-life accounts of remarkable experiences, miraculous healings, divine interventions, and personal transformations.

Dove Review

It’s A Miracle Season 4 continues the wonderful storytelling as the previous three seasons did. Once again hosted by the likeable Richard Thomas (John-Boy from The Waltons),the episodes focus once again on miracles, unexplainable situations and answers to prayer. One episode features a pastor and his friend going to an annual winterfest to ski, and the miracle of Pastor David’s friend’s survival after an avalanche buried him beneath the snow. The details are mind boggling. Another episode focuses on a man’s quest to know his dad’s feelings for him after his dad died during the Viet Nam war, struck down by Malaria. Amazingly, his son—many years later—finds a man who served in the war with his father and was given a message to share with his son if he ever found him.

See what happens when people touch the heart of a woman who tragically lost twin boys due to a premature delivery. In another episode, a narcotics officer is involved in several drug busts but just once picks up his bulletproof vest to wear. Let’s just say his timing was good! Another episode focuses on a man who goes up in a hang glider and suffers a terrifying experience when turbulence causes his craft to tear apart, and as he heads down, neither of the two parachutes he brought along will open! The miraculous ending has to be seen to be believed.

We happily award this terrific series our Dove Seal for ages 12+. This series will give you a “faith” lift!

Content Description

Faith: People mention prayer and God and the reality of miracles.
Violence: Dead bodies seen during war
Sex: A few scenes of kissing.
Language: Utterances of "OMG" and "O/G" and "Oh Lord" during emotional moments.
Violence: Dead bodies seen during war
Drugs: None
Nudity: None
Other: Some people speak of miracles, and some speak of God being behind them.


Company: Questar Inc.
Writer: Mark Cole
Director: Mark Cole
Producer: Mark Cole
Genre: Documentary
Runtime: 215 min.
Starring: Richard Thomas
Reviewer: Ed C