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Restoring the Shack

Join author Paul Young on an adventure into the world of the best-selling phenomenon, The Shack. Stunningly filmed in “Big Sky” country, this inside look at how Paul's own life journey shaped his writing explores questions of faith, grief, wonder and relationship with the Father, Son and Holy Spirit.
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Join William Paul Young, author of The Shack on a raw, eye-opening exploration of the themes woven into the book and film. What is God’s relationship to man? Why do we endure suffering? How can we be truly healed? The docuseries addresses this and many more questions in a deeply personal and approachable way. Paul Young addresses the viewer as he would an old friend, interchanging his thoughts with clips from the movie and excerpts from the book. He explains not only his own personal motivation behind writing The Shack, but the theological and allegorical meaning behind the story. He explains that each of us is a shack, behind a façade, and that God our Father has always been in love with the shack; and only by returning to the place of brokenness can one experience true healing.

This is a deeply touching, soul-stirring collection of episodes. Not only are you awed at the knowledge and wisdom that Mr. Young provides, you become deeply connected to the image of the Father he paints—a father that is fervently and relentlessly chasing after “the one” sheep; a father that is passionate about love and correction, not punishment and fear. I have never felt so understood or pursued as I did when watching The Shack, and this series is a proper extension of the film and book. It feels as though this series takes you further on the journey, as you are once again transported into the amazing portrait of Papa, one where you are loved and accepted, shrouded in grace and completely uninhibited. It’s almost like watching a devotional which address your most sensitive thoughts, questions, and scars.

Along the way, each episode breaks down one of the central themes for the film and book, such as relationships, secrets, suffering and more. The tone of the series is never judgmental and the delivery is never awkward. The series is transformative in the same way the original story is. You become acquainted with God as a loving father, one you may not have met yet. And perhaps most surprisingly, you’ll become better acquainted with yourself, and as Mr. Young puts it, “become fully human.” His vulnerability is tangible, and the work God has done in his own story is evident. You will be both inspired and humbled by Restoring The Shack, as you come to the understanding of God’s radical love.

I fully recommend engrossing yourself in this enlightening series and allowing this powerful conversation to spur your own transformation. Due to some very heavy themes and some graphic imagery, we award Restoring The Shack the Dove Seal of Approval for ages 18+. As always, use your own discretion when watching with younger viewers. I would suggest prescreening the series yourself first, then allowing your teens or tweens to view the episodes you deem appropriate. This is not a series to be missed!

Dove Rating Details


A transformative relationship with Christ is overt throughout the series.


Sexual and physical abuse is discussed.


An affair is discussed.


Mild language including "Crap" and "Hell"


Sexual and physical abuse is discussed.


Alcoholism is discussed.


Photos of naked villagers; paintings which include naked people


Topics throughout including death, suicide and suffering.

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