The Riot and the Dance

Theatrical Release: March 19, 2018
The Riot and the Dance


Join in the glorious uproar of creation with The Riot and the Dance, a boisterous new nature documentary featuring a biologist who was once told he would never succeed if he kept blabbing about all that silly Creator-creature nonsense. But now you can follow along with Dr. Gordon Wilson as he traverses our planet, basking in God’s masterpieces whether he’s catching wildlife in his own backyard or in the jungles of Sri Lanka. (Yeah, he did get bitten, but not by the cobra.)

Showstopping footage and powerful narration will open your eyes to the extraordinary glory found all over the animal kingdom. From leopards and langurs to vipers and elephants and beyond, The Riot and the Dance is a cinematic exploration that you won’t want to miss.

Dove Review

Dr. Gordon Wilson’s The Riot and the Dance leads us through “God’s living art museum” where we find nothing is mundane. We are challenged to pierce the membrane of clouded vision, revealing a vivid world of intricate design, rendered generously by our God and Designer. The film is unhindered by the secular denial of the supernatural and amazes us with many surgically complex and beautiful creature designs. We are free to look honestly at the simple obvious: where there is design, there is a designer. Not so hard to figure out. From Yellowstone to the rainforest, from the Sonoran Desert to Sri Lanka, Dr. Gordon treks through a rainbow of worlds, immersing us in stunning detail, captured by intensely rich photography which would elicit envy from Nat Geo.


From the warrior-like bighorned sheep and the territorial seals, to the green poisonous toad and the grieving elephant, this well-written documentary succeeds in piquing our awe of the endless detail God has given us to enjoy. Interesting and powerful music is strategically interwoven with animal movements, majestic, calculating or deadly. Nothing mundane here. The infrared-sensing night vision revealing pits of the viper remind us there is more riot than dance out there, and we become aware of Creation, compromised by sin, broken by the Fall and longing for the promised new Creation. The Riot and the Dance honors and celebrates God, the great Designer, and it will thrill the entire family, earning the Dove All Ages Award.

Content Description

Faith: Specific acknowledgment and gratitude to God as Creator
Integrity: Throughout the film, God is honored in various ways
Sex: None
Language: None
Violence: Some images of animals eating prey
Drugs: None
Nudity: None
Other: None


Company: Gorilla Poet
Writer: N.D. Wilson
Director: N.D. Wilson
Producer: Aaron Rench
Genre: Documentary
Runtime: 90 min.
Industry Rating: Not Rated
Reviewer: Stephanie W