The Stellar Way, Discovering the Star Within



Kelly desperately wants to be a big star, but after losing a dance competition, she feels like anything but. In mid-temper tantrum, Kelly receives an unexpected visitor who shows her what it really means to shine. Children of all ages can learn how to better control their emotions through this delightfully creative tale.

Dove Review

In today’s culture, so much emphasis is put on fame and fortune, and at times it can seem like very little is put on integrity and character. Unfortunately, a lot of children have picked up the idea that being great doesn’t have to include a great attitude. Enter Sparky, a much-needed mascot for emotional development, and The Stellar Way, a fantastic, wonder-filled story that will inspire children to overcome personal challenges and shine brightly.

The story centers around a little girl named Kelly, who, after losing a dance competition, throws herself one heck of a pity party. Desiring the spotlight, admiration, and recognition, Kelly wishes upon a star to become a star. However, Kelly’s wish is not granted in the way she expects! Instead of becoming a star, Kelly is visited by a star – Sparky, a tutor in the fine art of shining brightly. Sparky takes Kelly on a journey, explaining that in order to shine, we must let go of the chips that block our light, and count our blessings. Kelly learns self-control, how to accept responsibility for her actions, and—equally important—her own worth.

A delightfully fun, creative, and adventurous tale, The Stellar Way is a unique way to teach children valuable lessons for emotional growth and development. Beautifully illustrated by James Koenig, The Stellar Way is enchanting, engaging, and beautifully written. Tina Donovan sets out to create a character that will fulfill a void seriously lacking in children’s literature – and nails it. Not only can children be entertained and delighted by the story, they can also be challenged and guided in how to better handle their developing emotions and feelings. The Stellar Way is a win-win for parents, children, and educators.

We are pleased to award The Stellar Way the Dove Seal of Approval for All Ages.

Note: To dive deeper into The Stellar Way, the author has created a detailed lesson plan for use in educational settings. The story has also been written in two versions to accommodate older and younger readers, but the plot and lessons are consistent across both versions.

Content Description

Faith: A little girl is encouraged to count her blessings instead of her problems.
Violence: None
Sex: None
Language: None
Violence: None
Drugs: None
Nudity: None
Other: A girl makes a wish on a star—magic is implied but not explicit; the main character, out of anger, says derogatory things about her competitors.


Company: Unknown
Writer: Tina Donovan
Reviewer: Cammie H