A Christmas Kiss II



At a Christmastime event, Jenna shares an impromptu, unforgettable kiss with the dashing billionaire, Cooper Montgomery. Unaware of his intentions and fearful of getting hurt in another relationship, Jenna vows to resist his charms, but begins to realize his affection is real as the two spend more time together.

Dove Review

Christmas Kiss II is not named for a sequel but because there are two very distinct kisses that bookend the film. This endearing Cinderella storyline that is also reminiscent of Sabrina fuses a timid but talented fashion assistant wannabe designer, Jenna (Elisabeth Harnois), with the pompous and privileged brother of the CEO, Connor (Adam Mayfield). When he decides he wants to actually “work” at the company, he sets his sights on winning Jenna, but in the process, he finds himself.

This enchanting storyline includes a subplot about Jenna striving to have her talent recognized with the support of her best friend and neighbor, Sebastian (Jonathan Bennett), who adds comic relief and complicates things when he helps Jenna fend off Connor’s advances and encourages her to be bold at work. Likewise, the film also toys with issues of familial rejection and acceptance that result from a broken family when Jenna struggles to be close to her father in the face of adversity. Her character shows nobility and vulnerability as a result.

Jenna is, in fact, a shining example of how to be both cautious and open at the same time. She lays her heart on the line with her father, who is supposed to love her, and guards her heart with a stranger who has a bad reputation with love. It is inspiring to watch Jenna soften over time, as Connor works to prove his worth to her by making deliberate character choices that lead to his own transformation.

Though there is the typical troubled twist that occurs in every romance movie, it is refreshing to see Jenna remain true to form and count on the trust that had already been established up to that point. She is gracious and forgiving throughout, and is rewarded in the end for her steadfastness, dedication, and humility. Likewise, Connor discovers rewards greater than he imagined.

We are proud to award this movie the Dove-Approved Seal for Ages 12+.

Content Description

Faith: None
Violence: None
Sex: Some moments of kissing
Language: None
Violence: None
Drugs: Casual drinking of wine throughout
Nudity: None
Other: None


Company: MarVista Entertainment
Writer: Joany Kane
Director: Kevin Connor
Producer: Kim Ray
Genre: Romance
Runtime: 88 min.
Starring: Elizabeth Harnois, Adam Mayfield, Elisabeth Rohm
Reviewer: Shelley K