The Gimmwitts: Prince Globond and the Flying Jewels

The Gimmwitts: Prince Globond and the Flying Jewels


The Gimmwitts are a loving group who are ruled by a benevolent king and queen that are sovereign over their own universe—but are not without rivals! In this adventurous and playful imaginary world, their son Globond embarks on a journey of rescue and discovery to determine whether good or evil will reign.

Dove Review

This delightful series of four books that make up the big book titled The Gimmwitts: Prince Globond and the Flying Jewels is written in easily digestible chapters that are jam-packed with age-appropriate adventure! The writers have created an entire imaginary cartoon universe populated with eight planets and endearing characters that are both good and evil. This story cleverly teaches simple lessons about the outcome of our choices and how we can change as a result of a journey. The visuals are likewise captivating in their monochromatic and highly stylized illustrations that enhance this story of salvation of self and others.

The protagonist, young Prince Globond, struggles with the loss of his special abilities due to his own choices of neglect and selfishness. It is, therefore, to his own benefit that he embarks on a quintessential hero’s journey where he has to face his fears and find his courage with the help of a mentor named Jaz the Flying Jewel, whom he feels responsible for rescuing, as well as the trusted friends he collects along the way.

Globond’s strength and leadership abilities are unique and meticulously thought-out, as are the worlds created in Gimmwitts where Globond travels in search of Jaz—such as Wasteland, where the evil Wastekings like Vice the Vicious and Fake Smiley reside and plot to usurp the throne.There are also planets like Gunaqua, where Globond experiences something akin to a baptism and a personal transformation, and the world of Gatron where the Dazzalin’ fountain is so filled with goodness it is capable of softening the hardest of hearts through the experience of love.

I often became enthralled in Globond’s race against time following his purposeful and exciting experiences on his quest to rescue Jaz, himself, and even other unexpected characters. Globond’s need to mature and embrace his responsibilities, accepting and seeking that which is good, presents positive and uplifting analogies to the gospel in an accessible way for children that is fun and imaginative. The brand that has been created through this highly detailed and unique world will be well supported by the strong writing and consistent characterization created here.

The Gimmwitts: Prince Globond and the Flying Jewels is a uniquely instructional and enchanting children’s book, worthy of attention from all young readers.

We are proud to award this children’s book the Dove-Approved Seal for All Ages.

Content Description

Faith: Christian implications of grace, hope, and redemption throughout
Integrity: Excellent examples of whole character integrity as we see Globond learn difficult lessons and choose wisely
Sex: None
Language: None
Violence: None
Drugs: None
Nudity: None
Other: None


Company: Unknown
Genre: Children
Reviewer: Shelley K