To Be a Soldier

To Be a Soldier


When the sister of a mild-mannered British salesman goes missing in the Middle East, he hires a troubled ex-Army ranger to help him rescue her. As their epic journey unfolds across an desolate, war-torn wasteland, they battle terrorists, the elements, and their own dark human natures.

Dove Review

To Be a Soldier is a gritty movie about war—with all of its violence realistically and graphically portrayed—yet, its message of the Christian faith and of love and sacrifice shines through. Jacob Dufour stars as British salesman Gregory Kirk in this movie, which was inspired by true events. His sister Sophie (Julie Streble) has gone missing in the Middle East and might well be a victim of ISIS soldiers. Posing as a journalist, Gregory hires a former Army ranger named Bryce Daniels (T.L. Bridger) to help him get through various war-torn areas in the hope of finding his sister. But he tells Bryce he is going in search of a group of imprisoned Americans in order to solicit his help. The story takes place in 2014.

The horrors of war soon become clear to Gregory as he sees murdered and bloody victims and some Islamic terrorists set some captives on fire. Bryce has own struggles, having gotten used to killing, but he can’t forget the Christian woman he loved, a woman named Heather. She could not live with the possibility of him being killed in war but did leave him her photo in a Bible. Her Christian faith continues to haunt him as he struggles with what he believes. In one dramatic scene Bryce tells Gregory, “I’ve taken so many lives. Not a day goes by that I don’t wish I could give one back. I was hoping maybe I could do that with you.” This film features some very moving scenes, including a scene in which Bryce finds a dead mother a short distance from her son, and the son dies as Gregory attempts to give him a drink of water. He lays her son’s body next to hers and joins their hands together. Actor Jacob Dufour who plays Gregory is also responsible for the music score, which is both dramatic and moving, stirring the viewer at the appropriate times of sadness and important events as they unfold in the story.

The film depicts the violent war moments very realistically; very bloody wounds are seen, a lot of people are killed by guns and grenades, and people are set on fire, too. The scenes of war in the picture will move people to be grateful for the soldiers that defend their freedom. We are awarding our Faith-Based Seal to the film, for ages 18 and above, due to the scenes of violence. One will not soon forget this movie, which has a powerful conclusion and embodies the word “sacrifice.”

Content Description

Faith: The Bible is quoted that all have sinned and fallen short of the glory of God; a man is a Christian and another man remembers the witness of his Christian girlfriend; the idea of laying down one's life for another is exemplified in the film.
Integrity: A man makes several decisions in favor of life and in helping others.
Sex: None
Language: A few utterances of the word "bloody"; "fools"; "idiot"; a comment about "damning people"; "godforsaken world"; "American whore"; a man is shoved and called, "little faggot."
Violence: A lot of violent scenes including a dead boy with a very bloody wound on his stomach; many people are shot and killed; people seen with blood on faces and on bodies; exploding grenades; people are stabbed and "slashing" noises from the stabbings are audible; fights including punching and kicking; a man is beaten to death, and another man is beaten in front of a woman; the pursuit to kill two men; a man is accidentally shot in the leg, and blood is seen; a truck and buildings are set on fire as are some people.
Drugs: Men are seen smoking and some bottles of beer are seen near soldiers who are taking a break.
Nudity: None
Other: Tension between characters; a man has several tattoos; a man faints from the heat in the desert; a few discussions on faith and Allah is mentioned as a soldier talks about killing others for his faith in Allah; Mohammed is mentioned and one man refers to him as "messenger of God."


Company: Amor Domini Productions, LLC
Director: Adam Dufour
Producer: Adam Dufour & T.L. Bridger
Genre: Adventure
Runtime: 129 min.
Industry Rating: Not Rated
Reviewer: Ed C