Sweet Sweet Summertime

DVD Release: March 6, 2018
Sweet Sweet Summertime


With only one summer left before his family moves away, Caleb and his best friend, Blake, hatch a plan to convince his dad to stay. In honor of his late mother, they start a club dedicated to doing good deeds in God’s name. As the weeks pass, the two make progress on their plan and learn just how much of a difference one sweet summer can make.

Dove Review

Caleb Burns (wonderfully played by Nicos Christou) is a kindhearted boy still grieving over the loss of his beloved mother. In her honor, he decides to make this summer “the best summer ever” by following his mother’s example and doing good deeds for everyone in town. With the family’s impending move to Atlanta looming over his head, Caleb feels the pressure to accomplish everything on his list by summer’s close. With his mother’s cause on his mind, Caleb’s ragtag group of friends grows into an army of do-gooders, flooding the city of Franklin with joy and love. However, things are not as dandy for Caleb as one would like to believe. Brewing underneath his determination to do good is a heart aching with grief.

Beyond the surface, this is a truly great faith-based film filled with humor, a solid faith content, and possessing true depth. Caleb has a large heart—and an equally large burden. The guilt from his mother’s untimely death and his father’s crumbling faith leave Caleb in a sorrowful state. Externally, he turns his grief into incredible motivation to serve and help others – bringing all the kids in town on board through the “Thank You Crew.” Together, these children spend the summer living out Matthew 5:16, letting their good deeds shine before everyone.

Caleb is determined to not only repair his father, Scott’s (David DeLuise) relationship with God, but every other relationship as well. Scott and his mother, Lila (Markie Post), have a strained relationship. She’s judgmental, surly, and always right. He’s burned out, broken and despondent. New friend Jenna, (Kayla Ewell), a Nashville songbird, can easily recognize Caleb is out to do more than paint houses and mow lawns, even when others in his life don’t. What Caleb is really after is healing.

Caleb’s character is an example to all those hoping for a better tomorrow while hurting today, and his faith and maturity throughout the film is inspiring. This story is full of transformation, hope, and love – with enough conflict and spiritual meat to keep the film grounded. It’s fantastic to see a portrait of courageous and selfless young people on film! “Sweet Sweet Summertime” is sweet, indeed – the perfect film to watch with the whole family, and perhaps inspire your own Thank You Crew. Dove is proud to award Sweet Sweet Summertime the Dove Seal of Approval for All Ages.

Content Description

Faith: Main characters model godly character and Christ-like love
Integrity: Main characters exemplify positive character traits such as kindness, compassion, humility and joy
Sex: None
Language: A boy is picked on/called names (e.g., “Bible boy,” “I’ll yank out your eyeballs.”)
Violence: A fatal car accident is implied but not shown; a cut on the finger (a little blood)
Drugs: None
Nudity: None
Other: None


Company: EchoLight Studios
Director: Ken Carpenter
Genre: Family
Runtime: 82 min.
Industry Rating: PG
Reviewer: Cammie H