A 2nd Chance



Maddy wants to be a top gymnast, but her rival, Chelsea, wins most competitions. With the help of a new coach, Kate, Maddy tries to overcome adversity for a chance on the National Gymnastics Team.

Dove Review

A 2nd Chance is a remarkable film about determination, forgiveness, and…of course, getting a second chance. When gymnastics coach Bev becomes ill, she encourages fellow coach Kate Jones (Nina Pearce) to work with her competitive gymnastics team for an important upcoming competition. This includes up-and-coming Maddy Cornell (Emily Morris). Maddy, extremely talented as a gymnast, endures jealousy from her competitor, Chelsea (Alanah Gilbert). Coach Kate soon runs into a problem with a judge, a former friend named Sally Peterson (Amy Handley). Sally seems to be holding a grudge against Kate by taking it out on Maddy and giving her low scores.

A strength coach, Shane Fuller (Adam Tuominen), is brought in to help, and he puts a boy named Josh alongside Maddy to work with her. They take a liking to each other but then Chelsea kisses Josh on the cheek in front of Maddy to purposely upset her. Romance is alive in this film as the Coach Fuller and Kate hit it off after a rocky first start.

As the story unfolds, we learn that gymnastics judge Sally Peterson had suffered an accident years ago for which she blames Kate—an accident that left Sally a quadriplegic. Can she ever learn to forgive Kate and admit the real truth behind the accident?

The gymnastics and action sequences add a lot to this film. Can Maddy win a gold medal? Can she make it to the International competition? We are most pleased to award this film the Dove Approved Seal for ages 12+. It’s a good story and will have the viewer wondering what happens next. And its theme—forgive and move on, is powerfully portrayed.

Content Description

Faith: No faith elements, but themes of forgiveness are stressed.
Integrity: A coach retains her integrity throughout the film
Sex: A couple kisses; a teen girl kisses a boy on the cheek a few times
Language: Da*n cheat; crap; a character is called conceited and arrogant; a character says “Duh” to another character; “little witch”; sucker
Violence: Guys shove each other
Drugs: None
Nudity: Bare midriffs; girls’ thighs are seen as they perform in shorts; cleavage
Other: Tension between characters; a girl uses a boy for her own purposes but later she changes for the better; a girl briefly pads her blouse with tissue so as to appear older


Company: MarVista Entertainment
Writer: Clay Glen
Director: Clay Glen
Producer: Sharyn Pancione
Genre: Family
Runtime: 95 min.
Industry Rating: PG
Reviewer: Ed C