No Place in This World

Theatrical Release: October 20, 2017
No Place in This World


A troubled home, a new school…Two sisters are trying to survive a bad situation in a disconnected, self-centered world.

Dove Review

Teen suicide numbers are high, and this movie dramatically portrays a particular story to both show the realities of the problem and to offer hope. Lauren is a teen girl that has a lot to deal with. Her mother and stepfather constantly drink, she sometimes has gone to school hungry, and a group of girls bully her. They call her names like “loser” and “ugly” and make fun of her. She is truly an intelligent girl, however, and a fellow student named Timothy likes her. One of the girls who is bullying Lauren also likes Timothy, so this only adds to Lauren’s problems.

Lauren’s older sister, Addie, is like the nurturing mother Lauren needs. She saves from her own skimpy funds to make sure Lauren has what she needs. In a touching scene, Addie buys Lauren a cupcake at a bakery but not one for herself as she can’t afford it. When the lady at the cash register notices what is happening, she brings a cupcake to Addie too.

The film includes scenes of painful moments and death and grief. We are awarding it our Dove Seal for Ages 12+ while noting it includes a faith message. Addie speaks to a pastor at one point who talks about the trying of our faith and the hope that God offers. This would make a good educational tool in teaching teens about bullying, its effects and what teens can do to avoid thoughts of suicide.

Content Description

Faith: A scripture from Matthew 6 about not being led into temptation is used, and a pastor talks with a girl about faith in God.
Integrity: A girl's older sister and her aunt want to do the right things for a girl and her sister.
Sex: None
Language: Girls bully another girl and call her names like "loser" and "ugly"; crap; "stupid crybaby"; a possible "OMG".
Violence: A girl is seen putting a gun to her head as the scene fades, and we hear the gunshot; a mother yells at her daughter and shakes her shoulders; a few scenes of a young man with a gun in a school and comments and examples are given about previous incidents of school violence.
Drugs: Two parents drink often and the mother smokes; a reference to the mother having been drunk on several occasions
Nudity: Mild cleavage in a few scenes
Other: Tension between characters; a mother and stepfather yells at a daughter; a woman and her sister fight over how the mother doesn't take good care of the girls; suicide stories are told; grief; girls bully a girl.


Company: CVI Productions
Director: Brad Castillo
Genre: Drama
Runtime: 83 min.
Industry Rating: Not Rated
Reviewer: Ed C.