Fishtales 3

DVD Release: September 4, 2018
Fishtales 3


Fifi and Lily are back for more fun and another amazing underwater adventure in fishtale reef. See what kind of mischief they find under the deep blue see!

Dove Review

Tales is a simple narrative about a neighborhood of ocean dwellers living in Fish Tale Reef. The narrator, who has an accent that strains ones’ ear slightly, opens and closes each sequence with a rhyming introduction and a moral to the story, in a setting outlined by simple animation that is detailed by monochromatic colors. The characters speak directly to the camera when talking, even to one another, which highlights the film’s educational purpose – this movie is primarily for very young children, who are acquiring basic academic, social, and cultural knowledge and awareness.

The plot opens simply, with a brother, Fin, and sister, Fifi, who are kindergarten aged fish and are nervous about their first day of school. Fifi, is exceptionally difficult to understand as she does not articulate some letters like Rs and Ms very well. Her best friend Lilly is a blue whale, along with other pals like Peddle the turtle and Diesel the stingray. There are 10 child sea creatures in class together at school with a teacher, Professor Shark, and the Bellowing Whale of a principal.

The educational tone of the film begins when everyone in class introduces themselves. We note how they identify themselves by explaining what they are (I’m a blow fish) and what they do (I can blow myself up into a big ball). They also learn to count using math and memory skills, and they go on many adventures, beginning with a field trip. Here they define divers, boats, and reefs, along with various ocean terms, and they discuss why and how ships sink. Thus child viewers are learning characteristics about these creatures and the habitat they live in.

A social lesson specifically arises when Lilly and Fifi get into an argument and then makeup. They do not want to do the same things on a playdate, so Lilly leaves in a huff. Fifi talks to her mother, who helps her figure out how to make both parties happy when she says: “sometimes to be a good friend you have to compromise” – Fifi then finds Lilly, and they decide to do what both of them want.

Cultural lessons occur as well with a focus on specific times of year – it is suddenly Thanksgiving, so the teacher conveys a short lesson and then gives thanks, and each student mirrors this by saying what they are thankful for. Then it’s Christmas, and next the weekend, followed by Show and Tell, and ending with the children celebrating Valentine’s Day and finally Easter, where they will partake in the annual oyster pearl hunt. A lesson about cultural significance follows each of these holidays.

This enchanting film is jam-packed with positive and joy-filled characters learning life-lessons accompanied by engaging and upbeat music. As a result we are proud to award this movie the Dove approved seal for all ages.

Content Description

Faith: None
Violence: None
Sex: None
Language: None
Violence: None
Drugs: None
Nudity: None
Other: None


Company: WowNow Entertainment
Writer: Lisa Baget
Director: Evan Tramel
Genre: Animated
Runtime: 74 min.
Reviewer: Shelley K.