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Approved for 18+

A Touch of Stardust

Davis Miles III wants what his grandparents had: true love. Fifty years ago, at the Moonlight and Melodies dance, fate brought his grandparents together. History repeated itself when Davis III met Miranda Bates. Stuck seven hours on an elevator together, they fell in love.

Only six months later, Davis blew it. Flustered by his impending wedding, his best friend Alex’s tales of marital woe, and the appearance of a long-lost love, Davis experienced a rare misstep, and before he knew it, Miranda was gone. Now, with his grandfather long deceased, and his grandmother sick with dementia, Davis is at rock bottom. Miranda is about to marry Blaine Taylor, her successful, handsome, charming ex. Attempts fall flat by Davis's ladykiller friend Chris to help him rebound. Heartbroken, he heads to a secret chapel— where his grandparents use to take him—to make a plea to the heavens.

Suddenly Davis finds himself with a divine second chance. The moment is re-set, and Davis is a back a week before his wedding. Even better, his grandmother, somehow, is lucid again, and just may have a trick up her sleeve. She sends Davis on a journey for an elusive piece of sweet potato pie she was treated to years ago by his grandfather.

Davis attempts to balance the euphoria of his second chance with Miranda and setting out on his quest of making his way through every bakery in town—but he comes up empty for that mysterious pie. As his relationship with Miranda suddenly starts to look different than he remembers, Davis ends up at his last hope for that pie, Sweet Truth’s Bakery, where he meets Beth Booth, a young woman with an interesting story of her own.

With A Touch of Stardust, Davis just might find the love his grandparents had after all.

Negative Rating
Positive Rating

Dove Review

Touch of Stardust dabbles in the age-old questions of fate and romantic love. Set predominately in the gaze of a faithful community, Davis Miles III (Yosiah Johnson) only strives to find love in the romantic and idealistic ways of his grandparents’ legacy. His drive towards true love and waiting for the fates to align lead him on a path of struggle involving infidelity and the confusion of looking for love.

Many of us have been there in that season of searching and waiting and hoping. Director Antoine Baptiste positions the film with the cracks of romantic relationships, showing what is fantasy and what is authentic. The result is often funny, but most of all, warm and witty.

The Dove Take

The cast uniformly achieves a light and enjoyable tone, and thematically, Touch of Stardust offers some interesting insights into romantic relationships and sheds light on the reality of it all. With some mature themes to keep in mind, Dove awards the film our Approval for Ages 12+.

Dove Rating Details


Many members of the community are faithful and prayerful.


Character passes away (offscreen).


Mention of past infidelity; a man's sexuality is questioned; joke about strippers




Character passes away (offscreen).


Casual/social drinking; woman sips from a bottle of liquor during the day





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