DVD Release: October 7, 2014


Dance-Off is a movie starring Shane Harper, Kathryn McCormick, and Finola Hughes. Two cross-town rival dance teams go head-to-head for the National Nationals Championship.

Dove Review

Dance-Off explodes on your screen—explodes with energy and motion! Various dancers from dance studios enter the “National Nationals,” a dance competition, which will bring out the best—and worst—in the some of the dancers. Jasmine (Kathryn McCormick) from the Diamond Dance studio is the best of her team, while her former childhood friend, Brandon (Shane Harper), dances for the poor and struggling Shock Wave studio. In fact, Shock Wave wouldn’t have been able to enter the competition if not for the event promoter’s son, J.T. (David Burtka), sending them a check to cover the expenses. However, when his all-business-minded mother finds out, J.T. finds himself in hot water.

The film sizzles over with energetic dance numbers and the blossoming romance between Jasmine and Brandon, once Jasmine forgives him for having moved away without saying goodbye when they were kids. She finds out why it happened, and soon the two are inseparable, even practicing together. However, when their two dance teams wind up in a tie for first place at the National Nationals competition, Jasmine and Brandon have to face off against one another in a dance-off to determine the winner of the competition and a $25,000 check, which will go to the winning dance studio.

One of the themes is how parenting harshly can do harm. A mother of two girls in the competition is hard on both of them, pushing them to win. The mother who runs the competition is equally as hard, or even abusive, to her son, blaming him every time something goes awry. But in the end, he stands up to her and shows her that a little compassion and kindness are needed. There is some name calling such as “pig” and “idiot” as well as two harsh words.

The Dove Take

This movie erupts with energy and fantastic moves that dance across the screen! It will dazzle everyone from amateur and professional dancers to those that simply enjoy dance. The styles of this film are sure to please everyone—everything from classic to modern dance with leaping routines are incorporated into the film. The dancing is romantic in spots but not over-the-top sexually. We are pleased to award the film our Dove-Approved 12+ Seal. The movie makes the point (and does it very well) that people can change—and for the better.

Content Description

Faith: None
Integrity: A few characters want to compete and run the competition in an honorable way and with integrity.
Sex: Kissing between couples; romantic dancing with loving embraces and longing looks; a comment about "sticking your tongue down her throat."
Language: A few uses of "G" and "OMG"; Some name-calling like "pig" and "idiot"; H-2; a few words like "snotty" and "crap"; a comment about a bra and "boobs"
Violence: None
Drugs: None
Nudity: Shirtless men; cleavage.
Other: Tension between characters; jealousies in the competition; a mother constantly nags her daughter about not eating too much and mocks her, saying, "I'm hungry! I'm tired!"; one frustrated mother says her child will be the death of her if she doesn't kill her first; a mother is verbally abusive to her son and blames him when things go wrong, a woman doesn't want to be called "Mother" but "Mary" or "God"


Company: Cinedigm
Director: Alex Di Marco
Genre: Comedy
Runtime: 95 min.
Reviewer: Ed C.