Teen Titans Go! To the Movies

Theatrical Release: July 27, 2018
Teen Titans Go! To the Movies


A villain’s maniacal plan for world domination sidetracks five teenage superheroes who dream of Hollywood stardom.

Dove Review

Nothing portrayed in Teen Titans Go! To the Movies will come as a surprise to those familiar with the television show by the same name: Teen Titans Go! It turns out this clever writing style remains consistent across these channels, portraying a spoof-like edge, which sets it apart from traditional superhero media.

There are definitely some humorous references in the film that children would not readily grasp, and some of the satire might be a bit lost on them, but there are plenty of bathroom jokes, one involving an actual toilet, and even a couple of bare rear-ends shown (luckily the cartoon-like animation lends to this also being easily received as juvenile, potty humor) as well as plenty appearances by most kids favorite superheroes and lots of sometimes violent action scenes. This all-star cast is given life by an actual all-star cast, such as Kristen Bell, Nicholas Cage, and Jimmy Kimmel. And as a special treat for the adults who like to geek out: a comical cameo by Stan Lee, who discovers he is appearing in the wrong franchise.

I quite appreciated the storyline that highlights a movie within a movie as Robin, Batman’s sidekick, wants his own name in lights and will do just about anything, including turning his back on his friends and teammates to make that happen. All the while the writers poke fun at every famous superhero and at the global fascination with the seeming never-ending stream of films that showcase them. Indeed, this movie calls into question what makes one a hero and more importantly what makes one worthwhile. It emphasizes that carving one’s own way is preferable to copying others and that popularity and fame are not necessarily goals worth seeking.

The Dove Take

Robin’s team of misfits learn valuable lessons about loyalty, friendship, teamwork, and reconciliation as a result of meeting the challenges that come their way. What I appreciated most was when Robin asks the others for forgiveness, and they readily comply, no questions asked. In fact, they emphasize that true friendship remains loyal in the end and doesn’t hesitate to regain its rightful place beside its comrades.

We award Teen Titans Go! To the Movies the Dove Approved All Ages seal.

Content Description

Faith: None
Integrity: This teen team is loyal to one another and especially to the pursuit of goodness even if their moral development is not complete
Sex: None
Language: Insults like “loser” and “stupid”
Violence: Weapons such as guns, missiles, swords, and lasers used in non-graphic and mild violent superhero fighting. There are frequent explosion with characters in peril. There is also a hit-and-run car accident where the creature hit appears to be dead.
Drugs: None
Nudity: None
Other: None


Company: Warner Bros. Publications
Producer: Aaron Horvath
Genre: Animated
Runtime: 84 min.
Industry Rating: PG
Reviewer: Shelley K.