In Pursuit of Paul

DVD Release: July 13, 2018
In Pursuit of Paul


Jesus transforms lives. One of the most radical transformations in the Bible was that of the apostle Paul, who went from an enemy of the faith to its great defender. This transformation intrigued New Testament scholar Con Campbell so much that he decided to trace Paul’s life and missionary journeys from Jerusalem across the Mediterranean world to Rome. In this seven-part series, Con searches for answers to help him better understand Paul’s personality and passion. Join Con on this travelogue-style adventure so you can better know Paul and the profound effect he had on Christianity.

Dove Review

In Pursuit of Paul is an incredible series spanning seven episodes and chronicling the important locations and events in the Apostle Paul’s life. It features host Constantine Campbell, author of Paul and Union with Christ and professor at the Trinity Evangelical Divinity School, who travels from Rome to Athens. In addition, he sails on the Mediterranean Sea, takes us to the Road to Damascus, where Paul was converted, and even to the Adriatic Sea where Paul was given words of hope before a shipwreck, as recorded in Acts chapter 27.

This amazing series elaborates on biblical passages, shows off the surviving buildings from Paul’s day, including churches, monuments and statues, and showcases breathtaking views of majestic mountains, blue seas, and cities bursting with life and energy. Campbell interviews various experts in the area, such as a ship’s captain who takes him out to sea and explains what life on the sea would have been like in Paul’s day. The various people that touched Paul’s life are explored as well—people like Barnabas, Silas and young Timothy. And a fascinating part of the series includes a look at the “prison” epistles, the ones Paul wrote while in jail.

The Dove Take: This wonderful series will furnish the viewer with fresh reminders of Paul’s writings and life, not to mention shed new light on the customs of the day and the world in which Paul traveled and preached so long ago. Yet his message of new life through Christ remains as contemporary as today’s newspaper. This is a video series that educates, enlightens, and entertains with its fascinating locations and history. We are delighted to award it our Faith Friendly All Ages Seal.

Content Description

Faith: A strong thread of faith throughout the series which includes quotes from the Bible and various events
Integrity: A look at the integrity of Paul and his desire to bring people to Christ; his sorrow for having previously persecuted Christians
Sex: None
Language: None
Violence: A few comments about flogging and the violence of the time; a man says a man made a comment to him about the Jews, that Hitler failed because the Jews are still alive; the mention of martyrs
Drugs: None
Nudity: None
Other: The mention of idols and other religions of Paul's day.


Company: Cinedigm
Writer: Jeff Baxter
Director: Jeff Baxter
Producer: Our Daily Bread Ministries
Genre: Documentary
Runtime: 60 min.
Industry Rating: TV-G
Starring: Narrated by Dr. Constantine Campbell
Reviewer: Ed C.