Father, Son & Holy Moses

DVD Release: December 11, 2015
Father, Son & Holy Moses


In order to receive a portion of his father’s lofty inheritance, a renounced Hebrew must return to his roots and complete his Bar Mitzvah — all against the wishes of his older brother, the perfect son and Temple President, who gains all of the inheritance if he fails.

Dove Review

The main character, David, has had a bad experience with a Bar Mitzvah long ago and would rather avoid religion altogether. A comical element is introduced when David finds himself studying last-minute for his Bar Mitzvah while in the process of converting to Catholicism (to humor his wife). David receives some unexpected help from the Catholic priest and realizes that his past experience with religion shouldn’t keep him away from the church or his Jewish heritage.

Though David does seem to change for the better, he doesn’t change much. David learns to appreciate Judaism more, but his motives for completing his Bar Mitzvah aren’t exactly noble. Similarly, his reasons for becoming a Catholic aren’t driven by a desire for God, but rather money. David stands up to his brother Bruce, but they make no effort to reconcile their relationship. In a film where the religions of Judaism and Catholicism provide major plot points, God is surprisingly left out.

The Dove Take

Father, Son, and Holy Moses is a genuinely funny film that respectfully pokes fun at religion, family dynamics, and different cultures. Though the characters don’t experience a heart change on screen, this humorous film is sure to bring up some fun conversations about religion, motives, and treating each other with kindness.

Content Description

Faith: Elements of both Catholicism and Judaism are explored
Integrity: David seems to still love his brother despite the ill treatment he receives from him.
Sex: None.
Language: “Jerk,” an out of context use of Jesus’s name that could be taken in the wrong way.
Violence: One man dies of a heart attack, another dies from old age.
Drugs: None.
Nudity: None.
Other: David is bullied by his older brother


Company: Unknown
Writer: Mitch Emoff
Producer: Mitch Emoff and Dudley Jacobs
Genre: Comedy
Runtime: 25 min.
Reviewer: Sam K.